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How can I get a stronger more intesnse or longer lasting orgasim?

My girlfriends always talk about having intense orgasims in a row or a long one when masturbating. I masturbate about 3 times a week or more and can have multiple orgasims with a lot of work. The first one is always the most intenes, then they get weaker after wards. I am capeable of having many orgasims. I've had about 8 in one session. I would like them to be more powerful or longer lasting though and figured id ask for advice on how to get that. Mine are usually pretty short. And yes ive tried penetrating while clitoral massaging, and iv had a double. Still short though. Any advice would help. Thanks.
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I've found that integrating the use of a vibrator during masturbation can be an extremely effective means of achieving deeply intense and long lasting orgasms.
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I masturbate now with a vibrator, on the highest setting it doesn't do much.
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The thing that works for me is to squeeze my vagina muscles as hard as I can while orgasming and that seems to make it stronger and last longer.
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