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STD/Missing Tampon... and a bunch of other stuff

So I have some concern... Four day ago, I had a hystersonogram.  That evening, I went out for a night in the town with a couple of friends.  I used a tampon to go out dancing. When I came back home, I was drunk out of my mind, and instantly fell asleep.  My roommate brought in a one night stand... and some time that night, he came in to my room, and it ended up in unprotected intercourse, which I managed to stop after I shook myself from a druken stupor.  So he did not ejaclate, and my roomate and I kicked him out of the apartment.  The next day I woke up feeling completely violated and very curious as to wear my tampon had gone.  I went to the doctor, and he told me that he could not find a tampon.  I looked in my room, the trash can, everywhere!!!  It is no where to be found.  I had horrific pelvic pain for about 3 days, and then it suddenly it went away.

I am also on amoxocillin for a stomach virus, so I don't know if I elimintated symptoms of infection... I was just wondering how concerned I should be.... Other than STD's and other factor such as pregnacy.... I have no idea where that tampon has gone....

Is there a chance that it is still inside me? I don't know if the hystersonogram made it possible for a tampon to wind up in my cervix....

I dunno, I am just feeling really down and miserable... now I have to wait the window period to get tested for STD's, so I feel like a complete mess...
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I don't blame you for feeling down and all. I, personally, would be more outraged by the rape and the consequences of that event, than bothered by the missing tampon.

Anyway, if a doctor is saying that he can't find it, then it's probably not inside you. Maybe, you removed it before you got back home that evening... and don't remember doing so. Or, maybe that "one night stand" creep took it out before he violated you... stranger things have happened, I'm sure. Take care, "i"
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Thanks... I am upset about the incident itself... but I just don't know how to process it right now...  I've been thinking endlessly about STD's, but I know I'd have to wait the window period... 3 months or something like that... at least when it comes to HIV

I feel like trying to occupy my thoughts with other things... instead of the problem, because I just don't know how to deal...

I dunno...what to really do with myself... my roomate is trying to calm me down, saying that chances for STD infection (or HIV)are low... since he came twice with her, and never got to finish with me...

Its just tooo much to process right now, and I have no idea where to start. I don't know where to direct my emotions to...

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