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i m 20 nw.....my right testicle is much bigger then the left one.........i have been observing this from my childhood and i thought it would take time to grow for both of them......but now i am seriously concerned abt this as my right one is almost double in size than my left........i expirience no pain in any of my testicles up till now.......everything is perfect other than this unequal testicles..........so please help me and suggest any medical help needed......i am losing all my time thinking about this nowadays....so please please help me........

thank you
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It is normal for one testicle to be slightly larger or hang lower than the other.

If this as been going on since childhood then it is extremely unlikely to be anything to worry about.

It seems to me to be more likely to be your anatomy, rather than something you should spend all your time worrying about.

The human form can come in all shapes and sizes.

Dont lose any sleep over it and if you can't stop thinking about it, seek the advice of a Doctor for further clarification.

Hope this helps
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thankx for ur reply.....m pleased wid that answer.......

but i have still some doubts regarding this issue....
will this testicle size difference effect my sexual life?????
is it normal for testicles to have this difference of almost half the other????
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The size of your testicles should not prohibit your sex life, nor should it change your quality of sex life.

It is normal for one testile to be slightly bigger than the other or hang down lower than the other one.

As I said, the body comes in all shapes and sizes, relax.

If you still have concerns, visit your doctor and he will explain to you in more detail about why you shouldn't have any concerns

Hope this helps
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ok...thank u......but i heard dat if there is hernia.....then it causes for one testicle to grow longer then the other.....is it true????
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Well, youve had this for an extended period of time, I wouldnt say this is characteristic of a Hernia.

Consult a doctor for further advice if it is bothering you,

Best wishes
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I also have same case with this man, am 21 and my right testicle is twice the lift one and this has been killing me slowly_thanks for your advice. I feel no pain but the size difference is scaring
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