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Unable to ejaculate

Hi, I am 14 years old going into highschool and have been having a problem with semen coming out of my penis. The only times in my life where I have ejaculated was when I was asleep. When I am awake, however, I can only get this clear sticky fluid to come out. Another liquid comes out if I try to stimulate myself intensely which I am pretty sure is urine. I am scared to explore sexually with other people because I don't want them to come in contact with my urine. I have read many articles with no hope of finding an answer of why I am like this. I feel alone and am desperate to fix this.
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Perhaps what you are experience is pre-ejaculate fluid? It's also commonly known as pre-come, or pre-cum.

That's the fluid that helps lubricate everything before you ejaculate. That's usually a clear, sticky liquid.

If you continue to masturbate, you should orgasm, and ejaculate.


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hey hey hey. Relax. If you want to do it correctly grip it and move your hand up and down your penis and do this for a few minutes and you should be good. Hope this helped.
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Not a answer but a question I was beating it then wiped of in the inside of a wet bathing suit they the put it back on ten thirty minutes later will they get pregnant
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That's a disrespectful thing to do if you mean you masturbated into a girl's swim suit.  I would tell you not to do things like that. Masturbate with your own stuff in privacy.  But with that said, no. Someone can't get pregnant from that.
I do realiz that was dastardly and wrong I had no intention I just beat it but forgot a sock so I grabbed the only other thing but are you sure like it was wet but also cold
Yes, we are sure.

You should tell the person though, so she can make sure she washes it. Next time, just go into the bathroom and do it with tissue or into the toilet.
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