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Rhythmic Movement Disorder

Hi I can't find a section to ask a doctor advice on RMD so thought I'd try under the Sleep Apnea section.

I have been banging my head just before & during my sleep since I can remember Age 3? maybe earlier, I'm 23 now.

I have never spoken to any doctor about this as I'm embarrassed, I have found that the illegal drug MDMA (Ecstasy) Reduce the frequency that this happens & the amount of time it happens for, I have a theory & was just wondering from a doctors point of view whether I'm correct with my theory, I think I'm replacing the Head banging with Teeth Clenching/Grinding (Bruxism) which I find poses much less of a problem than the Head banging.

I'd like to know what if anything I need to do if I do decide to see my doctor about this issue, do i need to record dates & times this happens & will I need to attend hospital for evaluation?, as I hate hospitals.  
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I sounds like one of the parasomnias. You should see a sleep medicine doctor. Can you video tape yourself?
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I guess I could video tape myself, but i'd have to buy a video camera first, Thanks for the info, I'd not heard of a Parasomnia, Guess I need to do a little more research, but definitely think I'll see my GP about it now, the reassurance of being able to prove it is great makes me feel less vulnerable as I already had one previous GP laugh in my face when I tried explaining, how long should I tape it for, a few days or longer? Thanks!
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