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MRI listed below; question does it mean there is pressure on my spinal canal?

MRI on 2/7/20 impression: Multifactorial moderate spinal canal narrowing at L4-5, including disc bulging, dorsal epidural lipomatosis, and advanced facet arthrosis. A large synovial cyst (15mm) is seen on the left projected inferiorly and laterally with mild mass effect in the distribution of the left foraminal L-5 distribution.

I had an L-5/S-1 fusion laminectomy in 1998 and the pain never went away, in the past three weeks I have experienced new increasing severe left hip, leg tingling and back pain, terrible first thing in the morning.  I saw my Doctor and had an MRI done last Friday. The ‘impression’ is listed above, at the same time a second MRI was performed on my pelvic and nothing was found abnormal with my left hip. The other lumber vertebrae all list mild to moderate degenerative disc height loss and desiccation,  along with mild narrowing of the right and left foramen.

Should I see a neurologist, neuro surgeon my current doctor is a very good orthopedic surgeon but if there is nerve damage, or the cyst, fat or bulging discs need to be surgically removed shouldn't I see an expert in spinal canal surgery?
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Hopefully by now, you have met with your doctor for an explanation of the MRI.  We'd love to have an update from you as to your doctor's interpretation and what your course of action for treatment was.  Surgery is certainly an option but since you are currently within the range of mild to moderate, you may want to try less invasive routes first.  Please give us an update.
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