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Pacemaker Success Thanks to Heart Forum!

Dear MedHelp:

Your site helped me so much and I am glad to write to you to tell you that I appreciate the work you do.

I started having slow heart rates.  I went to several doctors who simply dismissed my bradycardia as due to stress, depression, anxiety and/or stomach problems.  

I had found your website previously when my husband and sister had had some health problems, so I went back to the heart forum. I researched everything I could about bradycardia.  I also began to post and the heart forum doctor "CRC" was the one who guided me through all the tests and explained to me about pacemakers.  

I also found a person who had had similiar problems as me and through your site, we connected and have become great friends and support for each other.

I recently had a dual chamber pacemaker implanted and my friend was by my side for the whole experience!

So all in all, I was helped a tremendous amount by your site.  I have yet to find a better forum anywhere!
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This is a forum for Success Stories. If you want an answer to a medical condition, you should try one of the forums or communities. Click on "Forums" listed at the top and then find the community that matches your issue. You might want to re-post your question in the Heart Disease Community.
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I am a 62 year old male who is lightheaded for a good part of the day.  I am in reasonable physical condition.  Swim for 30 minutes 3 times a week and take a long walk on most days.

Tilt table test show vaso vagal sycope about 4 years ago.

Cardiologist thinks I have Sick Sinus syndrome and is talking about a pacemaker.

Anyone with similar issues.

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take care..
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