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so i will take the vaccine at the VA in oct. anyone else ?
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I will not be getting the vaccine.  I am 6 months pregnant and there has not been enough testing done on it for me to take any chances with a brand new vaccine.  I totally understand the risks of getting the swine flu but I also will not put a vaccine in my body and my babies that has not been tested properly.  That of course is just my opinion.  I am concerned more about what side effects or problems it will cause  a year or more down the road after getting the vaccine.  I do not get the regular flu shot because the first time I got it I got very ill.  But, I certainly trust the regular flu vaccine since it has been given for so many years now.  I totally respect everyone that does get the vaccine.  This is just the way I feel about the new vaccine.  Thanks for the wonderful forum.  
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I am undecided, but leaning more towards not getting it. I am in my second trimester of pregnancy and I haven't had much time to do much of my own research about what risk would be worse for me to take: the vaccine or actually getting H1N1 during pregnancy.

I knew a lady that went to my church last year that go shingles in her second trimester of pregnancy (which I realize is not the same as the flu, but it is still a virus), and ended up in pre-term labor at 28-30 weeks, or somewhere in that timeframe, because of the virus. So the thought of having a virus as severe as swine flu or shingles and the risks to preterm labor concerns me, which makes me second guess the vaccine, and self-debate, is it more worth the risk to take the preventative route? I just don't know...

Also, my son's preschool had flyers on the classroom doors Tues morning (9-22) informing the parents that THREE cases altogether of the flu have been diagnosed in the school, with two being from my son's class and the other case being from the class across the hall--and both those classes are integrated for certain activities throughout the day. The flyers didn't specify swine flu, but I'm assuming that's what it is, as the seasonal flu isn't in season yet (apparently, seasonal flu begins next month and peaks in November).
So, it being in my son's classroom makes this all the more a reality to me.
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I'm getting it, although it's not available here until Nov.  I did check and thermisol free is available, so am choosing that one.  I am also pregnant, due in January.  Information came out today though that recommended we not get both H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccine, so I guess I am skipping the seasonal vaccine this year.  It's so hard to know for certain if this is the right decision, but I think for me this is it.  
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I will be getting the vaccine as soon as it is available.  I am also pregnant and due December 2nd.
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I'm not going to get it. I've already been exposed to the Swine flu because my 5 year old son got it back in September. I'm just trying to be careful and keep my immune system strong.
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update: i got my seasonal flu shot in october and the swine flu vaccine a week ago although i am sick now with a cold i will not get the flu
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Getting vaccinated is really important but increasing immunity power is vital.
Because getting vaccine means you are not 100% safe sometimes you get flu after vaccination also.
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