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BFP at 45--so happy and so scared

Need your prayers and baby dust.  Got a BFP on Wed after trying for the past 19 months.  Had pretty much decided it just wasn't going to happen, but gave it another shot and went for a Xmas miracle.  Still can't believe it; I check for bleeding every time I hit the bathroom.  Just so scared its going to go away.  Had my second beta today and will get the results for both tomorrow.  One extra little pink line made me so happy; and two little numbers could take it all away.  Please wish me luck!
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Hello, warmest congratulations!!! hang in there , everything crossed for you- I am 43 yrs, had 4 unsucessful ivf's, now we're going down route of adoption but they are so red tape about everything and its driving hubby mad, we've been given some money by mum from her house sale, and if adoption doesnt come off(too stressful or they refuse our application-i paid a fine for a shop lift 10 yrs ago) but i know they are so strict!!! we may have 1 last ivf, they would want to do an amh test first, a new ovarian reserve test, which if its too low may not let me do 1 more cycle, but have heard the test is not 100% reliable. i just havnt heard much sucess of women age 43/44 yrs with a sucessful ivf and own eggs, i know it can happen but chance is so low, i send you best wishes for your next beta, kind regards melissa
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Thanks, Melissa.  The beta doubled so I'm happy about that.  I hope everything works out for you.  I've thought about adoption myself.  Best of luck!
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Yeah! Congrates on beta doubling! I am 43 & 11 weeks. Are you on progesterone? I am on it for another week just to give extra help. I conceived naturally in Nov after 5 yrs of trying with tons of failed iui's and one failed ivf. I think it was my new thyroid med that made the difference for me. Keep us posted on your progress!
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Congrats to you.   I'm so excited for you and hope it all works out well.  The beta doubling is awesome.   I agree with Risa on the progesterone.   I am 45 and had a successful pregnancy at age 43 with a beautiful son now 20 months old.   I had 2 m/c's prior to him and then I was put on progesterone with him...and all worked out well.  I've had 2 m/c's since him (both in the last 12 months).   Got pregnant easily...wasn't even trying and both times had great betas and saw a heartbeat, but by 10 weeks, both times the heartbeat had stopped.   I just recently thought about it and remembered that I needed progesterone for my son and never thought about it for the last 2 pregnancies which ended in m/c's....makes me wonder if I would have had the progesterone if things would have been different.   make sure to ask your doctor cause taking it can't hurt.

My best wishes to you, I will eagerly be watching your posts :).
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Thanks girls, and congrats to you Risa.  Hope everything continues to go well for you.  Alexis, you and I were pregnant with our sons at about the same time.  Grayson will be 2 on Jan 19; so a little older.  Sorry again for your losses.  I know I would be heartbroke.  Are you going to try for another yet?  They didn't test me for progesterone when I got my beta's which *****.  When I scheduled my own beta's last preg they did it.  I asked and they said I didn't need it at this point; only if the numbers didn't double and were worried about an ectopic.  Hopefully they are fine; fortunately never had any trouble before, so crossing my fingers.  
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I'm crossing my fingers for you too, you give everyone at our age so much hope.   Yes, my little man will be 2 on April 15.   I can't believe how quickly time passes.

I didn't think I wanted anymore after him, but my dh really does.   however when I got pg accidentally, I was shocked but then really excited, and then soon devestated after the losses, especially when both pregnancies were doing well with the betas doubling perfectly and we saw heartbeats on both..that was crushing to lose them.   But I've just told my dh that we won't "actively" try by using any fertility aids, however if it happens naturally, and is meant to be, then it will be.  

I will be eagerly waiting on all your news and to see your great u/s pics :).
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I didn't know s u c k s was a bad word.  I wish I could just fast forward time and be at 13 wks; get past the really scary part.  I guess its just one day at a time though.  Sending you loads of SSBD; it would be cool if we were pg at the same time again!
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I totally agree on fast forwarding to 13 weeks... I always wished that too, but try to enjoy every day of this journey no matter what happens.   You are pregnant right now and have a beautiful little bean inside you for however many days you get....I'm crossing my fingers for 9 months though.  Cherish every moment of this so you can look back when you are holding him/her and remember it all.
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