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FertilAID for women

Has anyone tried this or know anything about this? Sounds great but not sure.
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I've always heard great things about Fertil-Aid. I used it for a while myself and did conceive several times. My issues are with not being able to keep pregnancies. (immune problems, hormonal imbalance, etc.) I think Fertil-Aid has a good balance of vitamins, minerals and other herbs and stuff that help fertility. There's that one and there's another one called Fertility Blend, very similar but slightly different formulations. They're both much better than regular prenatals. They are made to help you be more fertile, so if you're having any trouble conceiving, it's well worth trying!

Best of luck! SSBD! :-)

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Thank you Sherri
I bought some and I started in on friday so we will see how well it helps. I figure what can it hurt. How are things with you?


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