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Just saying hello and introducing myself.

Hello there ladies!  I know some of you from the Pregnancy 35+ forum already.  We are now officially trying for baby no. 2.  I have an 8 month old boy, naturally conceived that I gave birth to one week before my 41st birthday.  We very much want one more, so here we go again!!  I wanted to wish all of you SSBD, and look forward to celebrating BFPs with all of you!  Nice to meet those of you I haven't met and a big hello to those of you I know and may not have talked to in a while.

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Hi there. Good to see you are ready and up for number 2. Hope it all goes smoothly.
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That's great that you guys are going for #2! I hope your body has the hang of it now after having #1 and that you conceive quickly and have a perfectly happy & healthy pregnancy! Welcome back on the TTC train! Choo choo! SSBD! :)
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Thanks so much for the welcome!  Yes, babies over 40 do happen and you can all do it to!  I should be o'ing in a day or two...yikes, I am nervous about going through all this again...but excited all at the same time.  I think this is a great group to have been started and am really happy to be here!
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Hello, it's nice to meet you! Congrats on having a baby in your 40's! SSBD to you too!
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SSBD to you and all TTC :)

It will be great to share the journey with you....Hopefully we will all have BFPs before end of this year !
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Welcome to this forum, if you haven't been here before.  Good luck to you!!  You probably won't have any trouble, since you have already proven you can do it over 40!!!  Congrats!  SSBD
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SSBD 2 you too! Have fun!

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