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Hi everyone!  Any one else on the TTW??  It's killing me!!  This is the first month for many, many months where I know I for sure ovulated AND BD'd at the right time.  I'm only 7 dpo, but did an OPK this morning (have a lot left over) just in the off chance..... well.... it is as negative as negative can be.  There is barely even a ghost of a second line, so I won't run out and grab any hpt's today.

I have been cramping with ovulation type pain from 4 dpo through yesterday, but now this morning... nothing.  Don't know if that means anything.  I also lowered my dhea intake as soon as I ovulated, from 75 mg to 25 mg.  I know it can raise estrogen, so I just thought maybe it was a good idea, but I have nothing to base that on.

I have a phone appointment with my ob/gyn on Friday morning (which will be 10 dpo).  I will do an hpt that morning.... I sure would love to tell her there is a slight positive!!!

Wish me luck!
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Sending you lots of baby dust and luck!  I am doing an IUI tomorrow, so I don't start 2ww until Thursday.  Hope you get good news on Friday when you take the hpt, but if it is negative, you still have a chance since it will be early!!!

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Good luck, sweetie! I pray this is the month for you! I think you're smart to stay on a little of the DHEA. It definitely does boost estrogen (along with testosterone and DHEA, of course). So best not to make any drastic changes! Stick with what's working. I've read about women staying on it clear through their pregnancy, but personally, I'd want me DHEA and testosterone checked periodically to make sure they don't get too high.

Hopefully you'll get a BFP on Friday and then a positive beta later the same day! It is so time for you to be successful! I will be keeping you in my prayers! Keep us posted! Big hugs!!!!
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Thank you both so much!!  I had the weirdest thing happen last night.  I don't know if you all remember, but before I increased my dhea to 75 mg, I was getting hot flashes and night sweats so much... I was just miserable.  Then about a week after 75 mg, it all stopped.... just stopped, no more hot flashes and no more night sweats.  That is when I finally ovulated last cycle.  Well.... last night I woke up at 3:30 in the morning and was so absolutely ringing wet and the bed was so soaking wet that I had to put a bath towel in the bed to lay on or I would have had to change the sheets to get back into bed.  I don't know if it has to do with lowering the dhea back down to 25mg after I ovulated, or what???  What do you think??  Should I go back to 75?  Or maybe try 50?  I wasn't getting hot flashes, just sweating!

I so much appreciate all of your support and wish we would all get our BFP!!  

BTW... I just looked at another opk I did with FMU and there is barely a second line.... barely.  Guess I won't run out today for HPT's either.

Have a great day everyone!
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I am so excited for you!!!! Good luck and hope this is it for you!!!

Its too early to test now so wait a little bit longer...even 10 dpo could be too early for hpt!  Hoping you get a lovely surprise this holiday season!!!

Sending SSBD!!!
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Oh... forgot to tell you that if you are looking at my chart... it looks like a possible implantation dip yesterday... but it's not!  I just took my temperature at like 4am 2.5 hours early :-(
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Yeah, those night sweats are a b i t c h! I have had them in the past a couple of times. Yuck! If you noticed it after lowering the DHEA, then I would say to think about going back up. Maybe first to 50 and then if you still have symptoms, back to 75. That's great that DHEA has been able to help you so much. I've read so much about it helping us "older" women to ovulate better. Don't know how long you've been on it, but I've read that the full benefit shows up at about 3-4 months. But it sounds like you're already getting alot of benefit! So I am praying that THIS cycle is the one for you! SSBD! :)
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I swear by the dhea now.  I was suffering bad hot flashes and night sweats for months and not ovulating.  I was on it for just about 2.5 months when the hot flashes stopped, then ovulated a couple weeks after that.  Up until yesterday, I have not had any hot flashes or night sweats since.  I'm secretly hoping the night sweating is because I am pg and just don't know it yet.  BTW, no night sweats last night.  My temp this morning... 98.42 and it was taken an hour and a half early (at 5:00am).  I just couldn't sleep.  I think it's because I was actually anxious to take my temp.  I'm so worried it's going to drop, but thankfully it didn't.  I kind of had AF cramping yesterday, just barely, but there so I was worried.  

Gosh I hope this is the month.  I was going to wait until tomorrow to do an hpt, but don't think I can.  I know 9 dpo is way to early, but you know I'll pull it apart and scrutinize it to death for the faintest of lines... he he he.  Have to wait for my fiance to leave before I do it or he'll give me.... that look... because he already asked me when I could test and I told him it would never show until at least Saturday morning.
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I feel you! I am the early tester of all early testers! lol! And I am so good at ripping apart the FRER and peering at it through a magnifying glass! I'm thinking 9DPO doesn't even sound THAT early! lol! It kinda is, but not as early as 6DPO or 7DPO! :-) How many tests do you have? That's one way to help you decide when to test. If you don't have many, then wait as long as you can. Otherwise, you could do one and if neg, then wait a couple of days and do another one.

I like that nice high temp of yours! That would be so awesome if you were preggers! There are so many success stories of DHEA. I would just say pay close attention to how you feel. And as long as you don't get symptoms of too much testosterone (acne, oily skin/hair, rapid heartbeat, etc.), then you should be ok. Would be nice if there was a dr who believed in it and would follow you on it, but they are hard to find. But even if you can get your own dr to periodically check all your hormones to make sure they don't go out of the normal range, you should be fine. Clearly your body is doing MUCH better on it! I am so happy to hear that! Can't wait for you to test! Praying for a BFP for both of us! :)
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I just started on my 2ww :)
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Here's hoping for a very Happy New Year surprise for you!!  I shall be watching your temps.  You are temping right?  SSBD!!!
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I just looked at your homepage.... did you just have your IVF??  If so... makes sense you're not temping.  OMG, best of luck to you for a sticky embi!!  You could even get a faint BFP by New Years Day!!!  Wouldn't that be so awesom for you!!  Let us know when you are going to test.  more SSBD!!!!
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Yes.....collected my embies yesterday and now they are safe and warm in my belly ;)

My beta is scheduled for New Years Eve.....so I am hoping for a nice way to start the New Years. I am going to try and stay away from HPT until may the night before.  

DHEA really worked for me :)

When are you testing?  pretty soon right?

SSBD to you!!!
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I did all my testing, which ended up being a waste of tests.... again.  I'm back to CD3 today.  I am to start Clomid today... who knows maybe it will work.  Congrats on your transfer!  What a great new years eve gift that would be.

How many mg of dhea were/are you taking??

Please let us know your beta results when you get them.... we'll be waiting on pins and needles!  SSBD!!!
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Good luck hon....Clomid is not easy...the side effects can be a real pain but take it easy and just enjoy the holidays.....

I took 50mg twice a day.....and I think it took a while for it to work....

Will definitley do!  SSBD!
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I'm in the tww. I'm about 9-10 dpo and a serious POAS addict...lol...starting yesterday I'm using up the rest of my OPKs before I break out the HPTs...just so I can pee on something :)
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LOL!!  I'm glad I'm not the only POAS addict.  I am all out of pee sticks at the moment and I swear I'm not going to buy any more until I have some sort of good reason to.  This cycle is not going well... first cycle on clomid.... think it just messed me up!

Good luck to you!!  I will be watching and waiting for the ++++ pee stick!!  SSBD!! You should be able to get a + in 2 to 3 more days.... but pee away!!
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I'm not feeling great about this cycle for me.

Good luck and sticky baby dust to you :)
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