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I Hate being hated by people and not have friends, just cause i look differnet, and like diff stuff
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Hello. being different is all apart of being yourself. I have heard this saying "Don't change so people will like you, Be yourself and the right people will love the real you." I think it is a very powerful quote. I hope it helps. :)
If peope dont like you, then they dont matter.
Trust me...
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I agree with the above post. If people don't like you cause what you look like or cause the things you like then they arent worth being around. Trust me a lit of people didny like me cause I looked different, I acted different, and cauae I didnt like what they did and I didnt care. Now I don't have many friends because of it but now I have true friend that love me for me and don't care if were different.  Don't worry you will be alright.
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Yes that is very true.  :)
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