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Is there anything I can do?

I am really struggling. I am 14 and my life is so messed up. My best friend died due to diabeties, my parents are getting a divorce, my sister is disabled, my mum is an recovering alcoholic, I think my friends hate me, school is killing me and I want to die. Everything is moving too fast and I can't keep up. I can't hold it together for much longer !
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I am so very sorry to hear of all you are going through!  If your mom is an alcoholic, I hope she gets help but at this time, she's not reliable to be the one to help you.  Is your dad sober?  You can speak to him about how you are feeling, that you are depressed and even thinking of dying.  Please do not consider anything like that.  There are resources for you.  Your school counselor is another person who really can and WANTS to help.  I have a 14 year old son and a 13 year old son.  I know it is so hard at that age and some days can be very overwhelming.  It WILL get better sweetie.  Do you have any other caring adults in your life like grandparents, aunts, etc?  You aren't alone and they will want to help you.  You have a lot going on.  Please hang in there and be safe.
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Thank you so much. This is honestly just what I needed to hear. I have looked into therapy and have an appointment soon. I'm hanging in there.
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Oh, I'm so glad I could help.  I think you will find great benefit in counseling, I really do.  Keep in touch with us so we know how you are doing and maybe watching you feeling better will help someone else who reads this!  hugs
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