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What are long term affects from an overdose?

I'm can't remember what type of pills they were as they weren't mine but a few months ago I overdosed on a mix of sleeping pills and antidepressants in an attempt to kill myself.

I'd tried this once or twice before however the last two times were the ones were I got the closest as before that I was still very naive and didn't think it'd take much to do the job however it seems I was wrong.

The first time I did it and actually got a reaction out of my body was when I was probably about 13-14, I took diclofenac potassium (25mg per pill) and citlopram (not mine, 10 or 20mg per pill). I can't remember how much I took, I think it was averaging at about 10 pills of each. I decided to sleep straight afterwards and didn't tell anyone for a good few days, I didn't have really any side affects except for the fact that for about 5 days straight I felt like I was shaking from the inside out. Constantly. It was very odd and pretty unpleasant however I couldn't tell anyone cause then they'd know what I'd done (or tried to do) so I waited it out. I couldn't think, I didn't want to eat, I couldn't sleep, it wasn't ideal.

Anyway I was always curious how that affected my body long term -if it did at all- but then came the latter attempt. I was 15 this time and I took 15 sleeping pills (not sure what it was, possibly Zopiclone? not sure of the dosage) and I took about 20 pills of diclofenac potassium. I remember counting the pills out, making sure I took them all without throwing up and then I don't remember anything until about 1-2 hours later when I heard my dad come home. I knew I needed to greet him and seem normal so I went up stairs to say hello and then I was going to go straight back down and sleep however we both noticed that for the life of me I couldn't stand up straight without wobbling. If I tried to move I'd fall over and I couldn't stand up without holding onto something otherwise I'd fall over as well. I don't remember anything past saying hello to him and trying to act casual as I fell all over the place for about 3-5 minutes. The next thing I remember is waking up in bed the next morning. I have no idea what time I went to bed, I think it was about 8pm and I woke up at around 1-3pm. I figured after greeting my dad I went to bed and crashed but apparently we talked for a few hours before I went downstairs which I don't remember. Neither time I went to the hospital.

Basically does anyone know of any likely long term damage and if so what would it be?
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Certainly you can do damage to different parts of your body from od'ing.  Liver, kidneys, brain.  However, the bigger picture here is the suicide attempts.  How is that going?  Are you in treatment to prevent this from happening again?  There are always numbers you can call in which you talk to a live person. You cold also ask your questions regarding the after affect of the meds you took.  Since you aren't totally sure what you took, I can't answer.  But in general, just the steps of trying to commit suicide forever change you as a person (as in the whole you).  You need to speak to someone to discuss the reasons that resulted in your taking this drastic action, get help for them.  We care about you and don't want you to do that again.  
Sorry I'm aware that was super vague, I'll try and figure out exactly what I took tomorrow morning since if I try to find out now it'll wake up my dad and its 4am cx
But that's what I'm worried about since I never went to hospital or saw a doctor ect at all after any attempts so I have no idea whether there is any damage or not which is something I'm rather curious (and a bit worried) about.

Thank you so much for responding (and for being so sweet), it's going good. I'm on antidepressants now which were only prescribed for my mild social anxiety about a month ago but I've found it's helped a lot more with my moods. I've got a therapist and while she's for the anxiety I can always turn to her if I need her for other mental health related things so things aren't ideal as I think they're focusing maybe a bit too much on anxiety and not enough on depression but they're the experts and either way I'm in a much better position now and I'm much happier c:

I guess I'm just more interested in what could be wrong if I haven't noticed any lasting affects so far and its been a good few months since it happened because I'd figure if something was not doing great I would know by now but I have no idea so I was hoping for some insight on the hidden problems aspect of things cx
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