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Help for severe tongue pain

I was hit by my daughter head in the throat. It fanned out and life has not been the same since. I've learned that I've hyoid bone syndrome. My quest for pain relief has been an endless trail of Doctors that have no knowledge of this syndrome.
I'm in the Metro NY area. Searching for an expert DMD that is accepting new patients. Dr. Ernest DMD in Tn. has published a paper explaining exactly how to treat this. Unfortunately, he is not accepting new patients.

My greatest wish is to find a DMD that has access to Dr. Edwin Ernest III publication, "Hyoid Bone Syndrome".
Hopefully, my quest to find pain relief can be answered. Any information would be gratefully appreciated.
Thank you all in advance.
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Unfortunately I do not treat "hyoid bone syndrome."  I believe the ENT (Ears, Nose and Throat) or Head and Neck Surgeon are healthcare providers who may have more experience in this condition rather then an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.  There are other neurologic conditions that may cause tongue pain and a Neurologist may be helpful in confirming the diagnosis.

Once the diagnosis is confirmed - injections may be offered as a treatment modality.

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Many thanks for your comment. I've been to countless ENT Doctors who do not know anything about this syndrome. I've already had brain surgery, MVD on the 9th & 10th cranial nerves, and still in pain. After finding that hyoid bone syndrome can often mimick glossopharyngeal neuralgia. With this surgery, I've lost the ability to taste, smell, and oddly, feel hunger. I'm not access to the actual publication, "Reconsideration of  the Hyoid Syndrome" not being a Dr. I have found portions of Dr. Ernest Ernest's publication. The Ernest Clinic in Tn. is not accepting any new patients.He referred me to another DMD in Ohio, who also is not accepting new patients.
I'm so sorry that you do not treat this syndrome as you are so close to Montvale, NJ.  However, if you do know of a DMD that does know how to do this procedure, I'd be most grateful.
Many thanks for taking the time, to make your comment.
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