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Pain behind eye?


I have been suffering from rather severe pain/discomfort behind and around my left eye for the past year and a half. I'm wondering if this could have something to do with my jaw. Does anyone have symptoms like this from TMJ? The only other TMJ symptom I have is that my jaw hinge clicks slightly whenever I open and close it, though I know this is common without TMJ.

Or has anyone had any jaw issues that caused pain behind their eye?

Many Thanks,
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I def get eye pains with my TMJ its beyond uncomfortable. My chiropractor actually adjusts my neck and the pain behind my eyes decreases and they move much better, less of a forced feeling. Try seeing a chiropractor who's certified in neurology. However, my Tmj gave me chronic tension headaches, and I was just recently prescribed an anti-inflamatory and topamax- a nuerologist might be able to prescribe you a relief plan as well as a prevention plan if you do get diagnosed with headaches. Tmj and headaches usually go hand in hand
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Thanks for the response. I'll post here when I get it all figured out; I'm thinking about seeing an orofacial pain specialist. Hope it gets better!
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I too am having similar when I turn my head to the right, I get a sharp pain that's last just a few seconds on my right temple ..let me know if you find out anything I had an injury 3 years ago when my jaw was hit hard several times at the Dentist .I am wondering if there is any connection ...
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