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Anybody can help?

I just was diagnosed with low thyroid my tsh 3.8. My free t4 low and normal ft 3. Started dose 12.5. Of L. Is that enough. Been 4 days. Some symptoms a little better. But definitely not all better. Still tired achy throat hurts. Not quite as bad

Anybody else can help me?
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Sent by anetty1956 2 hours
I got  bloodwork and I don’t know what to make of it and my doctor is in not around his started  at me On progesterone but it doesn’t even look like there’s anything wrong with my progesterone or  estrogen

My vitamin C is low 25 it says it should be 30 my vitamin B 12 is high 1339 shouldn’t go past 986   my TSH is still 3.8 grade at the top 3.74. T4 .8223 is t3 is 2.83.  Should be 3.98 I got my ferritin.  It says my saturation is 13% or just low I guess they mean iron but they TIBC is 510 which is high 502 I got my cortisol and all that my folate level is high 20 should be 17 can you tell me what you need to know so I know what maybe I need to take tonight I was thinking maybe  vitamin d
I will anxiously await your response thank yo
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My vitamin D is low at 25. Days 30<
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Do you have a copy of the ultrasound report?  If so, could you please post the results?  It sounds like you have a goiter (swollen/inflamed thyroid).  Often once we get the right dosage of replacement hormones, the goiter will be reduced in size.  

Do I understand correctly that you've now been increased to 25 mcg Levothyroxine?  Is it safe to assume these labs were taken prior to the dosage increase?
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Ok thanks u. I will try to get that report
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In order to  help  you ,  please answer the following:
What is the TSH lab reference  range?
Test result for T4 and T3 with the lab reference range
What were your symptoms and when did they start?
Did your Dr say what was causing your low thyroid?
When did you start to take Levoxy?  What is the dose(12.5 doesn't sound right)?

Keep in mind that Levoxy takes about 6-8 weeks to see any appreciable  benefit.  

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Thank you
I’ll just give it a little time.  It’s bden like 5 days only

I only have my free t4 free t3 R t3 total t3 and tsh. Do I need more tests ?
You have the standard tests.  Based on your condition the dr can recommend other tests.  Give it time because your levels aren't way off.
Here are the exact labs. Also my neck in front of throat has been swollen looks like a bad double chinIMG_1051.JPG

How do I send a pic?
You'll need to post the pic in your photos section so we can go there to see it.  Sometimes it's just easier to type in the results and reference ranges.

Typically, 12.5 mcg Levo would be considered a starting dose.  It almost looks as though your doctor might have been going by TSH, instead of actual thyroid hormone levels.  

If you've had Vitamin B-12, D and Ferritin tests, it would be helpful if you could also post those results.  If you haven't had them done, you might want to ask your doctor for them next time you have blood work. Vitamin b-12 deficiency can cause some of the same symptoms as hypothyroidism, plus, both it and Vitamin D are necessary for proper metabolism of thyroid hormones.  Ferritin is the iron storage hormone - tells how much iron you have in storage.  Iron is necessary for proper conversion of Free T4 to the usable Free T3.

Here are my labs. My symptoms are tired letoesmt to sleep a lot achy sweats chills put me on 25. LEV

ITS BEEN WEEK FEEL 10% better what do you guys feel about my situation?  Thank you for your help!
It looks like everything in normal range except

low free t 4. .76 Normal is .77-1.46 no/dL

TSH 3.81. .358-3.74

Frt3-3.13 (2.18-3.98)
Revt3. 11 ng (8-25)
Total t3 1.45ng (.70-1.79 ng)
I wouldn't say your numbers are off the charts (good thing)  Did your dr check for hormone  levels like estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, etc?  The  swollen neck can be temporary but if not, the dr should ask for an ultrasound.  Check for hormonal imbalance and ask dr about the ultrasound.
No I never had any other hormones checked? Why do u think it’s so swollen?  I had ultrasound and it didn’t show much. But I know this isn’t normal
What tests exactly should I ask for?

What doctor should I go to?  
Your primary care physician (PCP) should be directing your care and referring you to the appropriate specialist.  An ENT (ear, nose and throat) dr.  can look at your swollen neck.  Your PCP can order the hormone test.  Schedule  a follow-up with your PCP .  
So just ask for all hormones ?  Should i b specific like about vitamin d ferritin etc...?also
Hormone - ask your dr about the std hormone test panel which should include estrogen, testosterone,  progesterone, etc.  The cortisol you may have to twice in the day to get an accurate reading.  If you haven't had it vit D, ferritin, b-12,  etc.  If you live in an area that has deer  present, get tested for Lyme.  Hope that helps.
It’s been about a week and a half two weeks since I started my medicine. I was feeling better for a few days. Then today I felt like all my symptoms were back again I cannot hold my head up so tired. I don’t know if that means to increase my dose which I did a little bit. Any suggestions?   I thought I got it right because the medicine seem to help a little bit but now feeling like this for the past day or two I’m wondering if it is my thyroid at all or if it’s something other than my thyroid? Can anybody help me out ?    My bloodwork is earlier in this thread
Levo  takes 6-8 weeks  before you start to see its full effect.  I wouldn't increase your dose  intermittently  without consulting your dr.  Look at my earlier post about hormone testing.  Your thyroid may not be the issue so talk to your dr about other possible causes.  
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