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I have my TSH tested every year or two because I often display symptoms of both hyper and hypothyroidism. My numbers fluctuate anywhere ...
Hello ! A new member here. In 2019 they found this nodule on US for something else, it was 5mm. In 2020 by the US report it was 8x4x6 m...
thy peroxidase level 524 IU/ML TSH .43 uiu/ml FT4 1.30 ng/dl I currently take Levothyroxine Sodium 137 mcg I have Rhumatoid Arthrit...
Please someone tell me this will go away. I havn't slept since 1/23. not exagerating they have given me all kinds of sleep rx and none...
Hello, My wife had her third Lupron injection (in fact, it was not exactly Lupron but Diphereline which is in fact the same as Lupron ...
I had my thyroid out almost 5 yrs. ago (no cancer). I gained weight but recently have been on weight watchers and lost 20 lbs. Have been ...
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