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Hi , I’ve been having like flutters of my heart for a few months lately and did a thyroid blood test as I thought it’s to do with my ha...
Hi again , I’ve been trying to get my tests on track . Just took FT4 and 3 today . These are my results . The test they used are diff...
was diagnosed with borderline hypothyroidism started .025 mcg levothyroxine side effects to get over took me 9 weeks went back to dr for ...
It’s been awhile. I have been fine on a regime of 5 day 75 mcg Levoxyl/2 day 88 mcg Levoxyl and 7 day 25 mcg Cytomel (split during the da...
Hello. I'm 21M and about 15 days ago, my left eye got red. As I had experienced this before and it usually went away with use of artifi...
I had a partial thyroidectomy due to large nodule about 9 years ago. I’ve been on synthroid since then and I am currently taking .125mg 6...
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