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Thyroid Uptake Scan

I am wondering why my doctor would still want a thyroid uptake scan even though all my blood work came back normal?
In March my family doctor did a free t4 level that came back high, so he ordered an ultra sound and referred me to an endocrinologist. I had the ulta sound in March which showed a 6 mm nodule on my thyroid.
I was just able to finally get into the endocrinologist last week and my blood results including my free t4 all came back normal but he still wants to do the thyroid uptake scan. I'm just wondering why if all my blood work is normal?
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Since you had a high Free T4, it's possible the doctor might think the nodule is producing hormone independently of the thyroid.   Was there a Free T3 test done, as well?  What about antibody tests to determine if you have Hashimoto's or Graves Disease?
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Yes, all my tests including antibodies and Free T3 were all normal the last time. I guess he just wants to cover everything.
It would help us if you posted the actual results and reference ranges.  Just because something is in the "normal" range, doesn't mean it's normal for us.  
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I would guess that the Endo just wants to  make sure there is no problem related to the nodule, which would not necessarily show up in bloodwork.  
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Ok, thank you
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