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Bio-identical thyroid hormone replacement?

I'v recently read some information regarding traditional hypothyroidism which states that meds including synthroid and armour might be cancer-causing if used for life, and bio-identical thyroid hormone replacement is much safer for long-term use free of preservatives and binders and is all natural. It's actually a nutritional supplement not a med.

What do you think?

About 2 months ago I stopped taking synthoid and instead I began taking some nutritional supplement like B complex, minerals and garlic for low thyroid. My lab came back with a high TSh of 7 but normal FT4 and FT3 with FT4 at 1.2 and FT3 at 2.3. Should I stard the thyroid replacement again?  If  so I might want to switch to bio-identical hormones. Do you think it's a good idea?


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You should not just stop taking your thyroid meds.  There are no supplements or minerals or foods that will substitute.  The result was predictable-- a high TSH and a FT3 and FT4 just within the low limit of the "normal" ranges.  All three of these test results are indicators of being hypo.  You need to get back on your thyroid meds and keep adjusting your FT3  and FT4 levels until symptoms are relieved.  Frequently this requires FT3 in the upper part of its range and FT4 around the midpoint of its range, without regard for the resultant TSH level.  

When it comes to bioidentical hormone replacement, I am a cynic.  I am suspicious of the way it is advertised and also there's the cost.  If you want bioidentical thyroid hormone, just use a T4 med, or go to a dessicated, natural T4/T3 med and get your FT3 and FT4 levels up to where they need to be.  I have a hard time believing there would be additional benefit going to the higher cost bioidentical version.  
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can you post the links you read on the bio identical replacement?
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