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Can someone have a look at my labs? Autoimmune?

Hi all. Newbie here. My TSH came in low at my yearly check-up at the end of March. Went back on the 25th for a full thyroid panel. For the last 2 weeks symptoms have steadily gotten worse at a rapid pace. I had to go in again and get beta-blockers for tachycardia. Atenolol is only working marginally at 50mg. I don’t see an Endo until Monday. Hoping someone here can verify whether it’s autoimmune or not? My numbers don’t seem all that high compared to many that I’ve seen.

TSH .014.                     Range .46-4.56
TPO 29.98.                         Less than 5.61
Thyroglobulin 35.91.          Less than 4.11
Free T4.       2.91.                     .7-1.48
Free T3        11.24.                    1.71-3.71

Thanks so much.
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Yes that is autoimmune. I have had my antibodies measured at two different labs around the same time. My first showing 47 (up to 6 normal) and the other lab 470 (up to 60 normal). With your results ask for Graves antibodies to be tested as well.
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Thanks! I will.
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Is it safe to assume that you aren't on any type of replacement thyroid hormones?  

I agree that you should have Graves Antibodies tested - those are Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulins.  

You could have, both, Hashimoto's (as indicated by the tests above) and Graves Disease or you could simply be in a hyper stage of Hashimoto's, which is common in early stages of Hashimoto's.  Many people alternate between hyper and hypo or even periods of normal in early stages of Hashimoto's.
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Thanks, no I’m not on any hormones. Looking forward to finally getting a diagnosis after so many years of symptoms and “normal” lab tests. I’m sure i’m speaking to the choir.
LOL   Yes, I've seen so many on the path you're on, with plenty of symptoms but labs keep coming back normal so doctors won't do anything.  This should get you a diagnosis and treatment... if your current doctor drags her/his feet, don't hesitate to find another.  
I won’t.
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