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Hypo symptoms?

I'm on 125MCG thyroxine but my hypothyroid symptoms feel worse and I don't know why. My latest labs show I'm in range but I have other symptoms which my doctor says aren't hypothyroid but suggestive of an autoimmune condition. Can anyone help please?

TSH - 3MIU/L range 0.27-4.20MIU/L
FT4 - 14.3PMOL/L range 12-22 PMOL/L
FT3 - 4.1PMOL/L range 3.9-6.8PMOL/L
TPO - 348KIU/L range 0-34KIU/L
TG - 106KIU/L range 0-115KIU/L

Symptoms which are hypothyroid - tired, cramps, feeling cold, constipation, heavy period, irregular period, weight gain, flaky nails, dry skin, wind, cramps in stomach and ribs

Symptoms which doctor is investigating - dry eyes, dry mouth, dry ears, dry nose - doctor has said this could be sjogrens???

Thyroid ultrasound - thyroid enlarged, sublingual and submandibular glands are enlarged, lymph nodes in neck are enlarged as well. No biopsy was arranged.
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Your hypo-like symptoms are just that - hypo, whether your doctor will admit it or not.  Just having results "in range" isn't good enough for most of us.

Your FT4 and FT3 are both way too low in their ranges, indicating that you need an increase in medication.  Your FT4 is only at 23% of its range and FT3 is only at 7% of the range.  Rule of thumb (where most of us feel best) is for FT4 to be about mid range and FT3 to be in the upper half to upper third of its range.

Once your FT4 starts rising, your FT3 should start tracking up, if it doesn't, that's an indication that you aren't converting the FT4 to FT3, which is the hormone that's used by individual cells and which correlates best with symptoms.  You may require additional T3 medication, such as cytomel or its generic liothyronine.

The other symptoms your doctor is investigating don't really sound thyroid related and should certainly be investigated, since, once a person has one autoimmune disease (your TPOab and TgAb are the basis for a diagnosis of Hashimoto's as the cause of your hypothyroidism), the chances of getting another are that much greater.
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I agree with Barb above.

I believe you are simply undermedicated.  But other causes could also contribute.  But I would lean towards you convincing your Dr to increase your thyroid dosage and see how you feel about 6 weeks later (assuming a T4 medication dose increase)
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