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I was feeling better for a while and now things have changed.....

Oh wow,I should have started with this community first! What I have been reading is pretty darn close to what I have been going through lately.I just had a gp appt. for my blood work today and to say the least it was awful. I want to tell yo a bit about what I have been going through the past three weeks and maybe someone could give me their point of view because I'm feeling a bit lost. Here goes...
Diagnosed with hashimotos approx 2 years ago
11 misscarriages
no period for 6 months
lactating but now just a regular discharge with extreme tenderness and heaviness
extreme pressure and headaches in my head
weight gain!!!! without even trying...I'm a broke student
numbness in my hands
difficulty digesting food-heart races after a meal and what I can only assume is gall bladder pain-brutal
joint pain in my feet

I feel like I'm losing my mind. My blood work didn't say much but I don't think that I was paying too much attention after her said that a non-pregnant woman that lactates is normal:( My wbc count was high and now because of the weight gain I am a borderline diabetic to boot. Prolactin levels went from 36 to 16.9 and he said my thyroid levels were fine but seriously I feel like I did before they diagnosed hashimoto's!!! I'm having a hot flash as I type and I feel like bawling.He said it was hormones causing this but then said all my levels are normal. I am making an asap appt with my endocrinologist..any advice on how I should focus this next appt? I'm afraid that I won't be taken seriously even though I feel so horrid. How do I get through to him???
Just this thread has made me feel a bit better today,it was nice to read that I wasn't alone.
Thank you and any advice is more than welcome:)
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I see a couple of things that raise red flags.  

Going down your list of blood tests, first, is the RDW which indicates the size of your red blood cells, and since yours are larger than normal, this could indicate Pernicious Anemia/Vitamin B12 deficiency.  You should ask to get your B12 tested.  Anything below about mid range, can actually indicate a deficiency. I have to inject weekly, in order to keep my levels at the top of the range.

Neutrophils, lymphocytes and monocytes are the various white blood cells that fight infection/inflammation.  If I'm reading the ranges correctly, your lymphcytes and monocytes are high and high/normal, respectively.  This indicates infection/inflammation, which could be explained by the diagnosis of Hashimoto's.

Your glucose level is high, which indicates that you may have either diabetes or insulin resistance.  This needs to be watched closely, since it can be a real issue during pregnancy. Are you testing your fasting blood sugar at all? You should be.

Your lab is using an old reference range for TSH.  "New" range, recommended by AACE over 10 yrs ago, is 0.3-3.0, so your level of 3.59 is actually higher than normal. Your FT4, while in range, is very low in the range, as is your FT3.  These three tests indicate hypothyroidism, which is not a surprise, with Hashimoto's, since thyroid function declines as the antibodies destroy it.

Your prolactin is good (about mid range).  It's not normal to have a breast discharge if you aren't pregnant (or nursing).

Blood tests from a year ago aren't really valid, because you don't know what might have happened during the past year, since levels can fluctuate.

Here's my suggestion:  
1) Have vitamin B12 tested
2) Ask the endo to do more extensive testing in regards to the blood glucose, and start monitoring.
3) I'd see if the endo is willing to start you on a thyroid replacement medication.
4) Ask to have all your reproductive hormones tested.
5) You might also want to get tested for PCOS, which can also contribute to pregnancy issues.

11 miscarriages in 2 years?  Inability to carry a full term baby is often a symptom of hypothyroidism.
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Did you get a copy of the actual lab report?  Some of your symptoms sound like they could be from hypothyroidism, but others seem more like issues with reproductive hormones.  

If you have the actual thyroid test results, please post them, here, and be sure to include reference ranges, since these vary lab to lab and must come from your own report.

Since symptoms can "cross over" from one condition to another, we really can't tell a lot without seeing actual results.  If you didn't get a copy of the report and are in the U.S. your doctor is obligated, by law, to give you a copy.

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These tests were done at the end of august:
WBC 11.4 (4.0-11.0 x 10 9/L)
RDW 14.8 (11.0-14.5 %)
Neutros 6.8 (2.0-7.5 X10  9/L)
lymph 3.6 1.1-3.3 x10 9/L)
monocytes 0.8 (0.0-0.8 x 10 9/L
glucose 6.6 (3.3 - 6.0 mmol/L)
CK 165 (below 170)
TSH 3.59 (0.30-5.60 MU/L)
T4 Free 9.4 (7.2-21.0 PMOL/L)
Free T3 3.7 (2.9-6.0 PMOL/L)

WBC count was high in oct 2011 at 3.6 (1.0-3.5 x E9/L)
Prolactin was high in Oct 2011 at 36 (4-24 in non-preg females) now its at 16.9 (3.3- 26.7 UG/L)

Should mt prolactin have dropped in almost a year a bit more than it

I'm just reading.... thought that my gp checked my hormones this time and  for some odd reason after hearing what was going on with me.. he didn't but my endocrinologist is going to see me monday before he leaves on vacation, thankfully.

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Thank you so much! This makes me feel way better about going there for my appt on Monday.
Just checked the results again and he did test my B12...161 (more than 133).
And do have the correct ranges for the FT3 & FT4? I would like something to suggest to him...to see if his are the same too. I'm definitely going to mention the above info you gave me.

As far as the miscarriages go...it been more than 2 years that this has been going on. But the no period for 6 months is something totally new.

Thank you again for going through this with me, I think that my next appt  with the right doc for the job will be what I was looking for. This thyroid malfunction is new to me so you have really helped.
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Has anyone heard of the drug Thyroid(Erfa)?? Fro what I have read it is more effective than the Synthroid for Hashimoto's Disease...
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Vitamin B12 at 161 is WAY too low, even if the reference range says that >133 is okay........ If I were at 161, I'd be down in bed, sound asleep, and not getting up for any reason, whatsoever.

Ranges for FT3 and FT4 vary from lab to lab, so have to come from your own report.  Common ones we see for FT4 are 0.8-1.8; and for FT3 are 2.3-4.2, but, as I said, that depends on the lab and units the tests are measured in. There are no "uniform" ranges for these tests.

ERFA - yes, we have some members who are on it and some do well, others do not. It depends on several factors, the main one being whether or not you, adequately, convert FT4 to FT3, which is the active hormone that actually enters individual cells (FT4 is not directly used; it must be converted to FT3).  Your results don't really indicate a conversion issue, at this point, because both your FT3 and FT4 are low/normal.  If your FT4 were high, and FT3 low, I'd say "go for the ERFA".

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ok, I just had my endo appt yesterday. I told him how I was feeling and said that I think that the synthroid was making me feel worse. He looked at me like I was crazy, totally disregarded my symptoms and told me that he wouldn't prescribe the Erfa because it wasn't scientific. I'm at a loss for words on that one.
all I want is to feel better. What do I do now?? any advice?
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I've looked this thread over several times and can't find what dosage of synthroid you're on, or how long you've been on it.  

Many doctors are against the desiccated hormones, such as ERFA, Armour, etc.

Would he be amenable to an increase in the synthroid?

You may have to find a different endo - one who is willing to go by symptoms, as well as labs. Many of our members have had to go through several doctors in order to find one that was adequate.
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natural dissected thyroid (of which ERFA is one brand) has been used successfully for over 100 years.  So exactly what science or evidence is he looking for?

Also I believe that the so called "scientific" synthetic medicines have had more recalls due to variances in potency levels than the so called Natural dissected thyroid medicine that have been used for 100 years.  So again which science or lack of science is he talking about?

Natural dissected thyroid is manufactured product as well and is mixed with binders and fillers and buffers just like the synthetic manufacture of medicines. So there IS some correlation and correction and stability with natural Dissected thyroid.  So yet again, what lack of science is he talking about?

You are NOT interested in science, you are interested in getting well.  Many people find that natural dissected thyroid meds work the best for them.

I have nothing against synthetic medicines.  I'm just saying that a medicine that has PROVEN to work to many people for over 100 years should NOT simply be discounted.  It just makes ZERO sense.

I'm not even saying that EFRA or Armour etc will be the best for you.  It may or may not be.  It is just that it should not be discarded.
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we had talked about increasing the dose but he wouldn't do that either because my t4 value was normal...and I totally agree with that last post. There is no other reason other than he gets paid well for the scripts that he write. I think that he had no intention of listening to or considering any of the symptoms that I'm going through right now. My bp was 151/101 and he didn't even bat an eye at it. Coming from a nursing students point of view that is a serious red flag that should never been overlooked. There is no reason that I could see for me not to try this more natural drug. If you need a script from the doctor in Canada then it has been approved for use or they wouldn't say that... I even told him that and showed him the literature!!
I have been on 75mcg for over a year having increased after 6 months from 50mcg.. and I feel horrid.  The worse thing for me right now is the heart palpitations and the inability to put weight on my feet. I'm 33 years old and needed help to the bathroom the other day because it felt like my bones were going to shatter. Thank you doctor for thinking that is a normal occurrence,lol
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"There is no reason that I could see for me not to try this more natural drug".  I'm sorry, I know that desiccated meds are called "natural", but what's natural about chomping on pig thyroid that doesn't contain the same proportions of T3/T4 that your body would produce if it could?  

I'm all for it, because there are people who really do better on desiccated hormones and it should always be an option; I just don't see it as "natural", when the active ingredient in synthetic preparations is identical to what our body would produce if it could.

There's my rant for the week........ lol   That said, it sounds like you need to find a doctor who will consider all types of medications, including those containing T3, such as cytomel, generic T3 and desiccated.

A one time bp of 151/101 may not be overly significant, but if you continue to have that, you need to be checked out, because that's not "normal".

New doctor recommended.
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Agreed, you need a new Dr. based on the fact that he is unwilling to think open minded. Drs like yours kept me sick for more than a decade.

Remember before the Columbus days, people thought the earth was flat.

Natural desicated is not very natural at all, but it is a wise choice for some people. The people that feel better on it are evidence, myself included.

Acella NP thyroid might be closest to Erfa and is made in the USA - walgeens sell it under generic thyroid, so does Target.

Funny,. my BP actually goes down with dessicated thyroid med, cant explain that one. All my cholesterols are  better with desicated also.

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