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Last nite.. sick

Last nite I woke up and was gasping for air. What the heck!!  After I got myself calmed down I fell back asleep and woke up later with the heaves I had nothing in my stomach.  After I took a cool shower I felt better and  slept till 9:30 this morning.  Dont ya think the medicine would of made me sick when I first took it?  Or maybe its just the hyper?  Shaking is worse today.  
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Or something else ... any other symtpoms ... not like a kidney or gallstone, rigth?

How are you doing now?

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They did all kinds of tests, ultrasounds.  Everything within normal range.  My endo DR. asked if I had any snoring or sleep apnea, of course I said no and then that night I wake up gasping for air.  

I feel okay I guess.  shakey, headaches off and on
Thanks for asking.
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I can't answer your question, but I hope you are feeling better today.

Take care,

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I noticed at my worse I felt very heavy in the chest and quite nauseated right before I woke up.

I think the heaviness was the upper chest inflammation I had due to the hypothyroidism/Hashi.

Not sure where the nausea came from = but since regulated I do not have that either.
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