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My doctor is changing me to Armour...have questions!

My new doc left message that she is switching me from synthroid to armour due to conversion problem. She is going to call me tomorrow with all my results after figuring out conversion. I am on 75 mcg daily of synthroid. Anyone know what the correct conversion would be? Also, what can I expect to feel when I make the change? Any help appreciated.
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Try this link, it will help show what you should be on.
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WOW!! that is unusual...most docs won't touch armour. I wonder whats up? i hope she gives you a clear reason...let us know.
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My Dr switched me...But I asked to be. Well... I gotta say I felt better within days!! I am still working on my dosage, but I feel better on the Armour than Synthoid. I have no side effects from the Armour. When I am symptomatic, its not the meds its the HYPO thats effecting me. Usually telling me its time to up the dose. I was on 125 then went to 88 mcg of Synthroid... Armour, started slow and low.. 45mg and now I am on 60mg, and wed will go up 15mg so that will be 75mg. My endo said I could end up going all the way up to 120mg. Just going slow to see how things go.
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Approximately 1 grain (60mg) is equal to .88-.112 of Synthroid.

I belive your doctor will try you out a 45mg to start and move you up to 90 mg as time goes by.

Armour seems to work best when it is MULTI-DOSE it– i.e. distribute it throughout the day rather than taking it in one big dose in the morning. Most experiment to find what works best and generally means taking the highest amount in the morning, followed by a lower amount in the early afternoon.  I do our Armour sublingually/bucally (under the tongue or between the inner cheek and gums). I goes directly into the blood stream and my stomach acids do not need to process the med so I know I am getting the correct dosage very time I take it.

It has help me totally in the conversion problems and I am much better than when I took Synthroid.
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What symptoms were you having before you were switched? I have been very foggy, fatigued and can't think lately....with really bad joint pains? It is weird that I keep progressing more hypo. Must be the hashi's? So Stella- should I break my pill in half? She prescribed 60mg (1grain). What time in the afternoon do you take yours? Hopefully I will feel a diff in a couple of days....just want this fog to go away!!
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I am on 60 too...  I take 30 at 7am and 30 at 12-1pm. Before the Armour I was foggy, achey, and anxiety was out of control and tired.... dead tired!!! I am adjusting well... had a few set backs, but better than before. I have my period so things tend to start up a bit with FLO in town.
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