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OK .. it is HOT outside today for many areas .. what is the temp by you AND does it affect your thyroid condition?

Normally I would say it doesn't do anything, but lately ............... I find I am more short tempered and running much hotter than before the Synthroid but who really knows .............

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Temp here is probably 95+ ............ hot and humid!
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It is about 85 and humid here in Chicago. I have no idea what effects me before all this mess! I know the weather triggers alot. Going for allergy testing next week.
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it's 16  degrees celcius, here in the south of england and i am currently going hypo, so feeling cold and shivery,

praying for nice weather for my wedding in september :) x x x
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Maybe 85?  But that's very hot for Seattle.  When it gets to 100 here... because of the high water content in us Seattlites... we all melt! ;-P  I  have a lower melting point than most since TT.
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It is a furnace here in Arizona. We are happy with our cold snap. It is currently 103.  I can't really gage temperature as my body thermostat is shot-hot and cold and hot again. Depends on the minute.
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Nearing 90 and very humid here in Upstate NY.  

I remember not being able tolerate any kind of heat at all during my "hyper" summer.  I didn't know why then, but it sure makes sense now.

The summer after my TT, I was a touch hypo and was always cold, even in heat like this.  I have to say I liked THAT part, but not the 10 pounds I gained that summer (I always take off 10 or 15 pounds in the summer).

Now that my levels are somewhat normal (for me, anyway), I can take the heat, but not the humidity.  Give me 80 degrees and no humidity any day!
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95 with heat index of 104 or so.  HUMID is how the weather always is in Louisiana!  My thyroid swells with heat, so go figure.
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Hotter than snot here in Fort Worth, I think we hit 102 today.  And I do think it does affect me more than it used to. My kids play soccer and it's all I can do to sit there and watch without feeling like I'm burning up alive.
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I find that if it is hot and humid I feel like a brick is on my chest.  I have no energy what so ever.  I retreat inside and then I am fine.  My poor garden...I hear it calling me "WEED ME"
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