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Odd Labs and symptoms

It’s been awhile. I have been fine on a regime of 5 day 75 mcg Levoxyl/2 day 88 mcg Levoxyl and 7 day 25 mcg Cytomel (split during the day). Stress, anxiety, depression notwithstanding, I felt exhausted, and upped my dosage to 88 Mcg Levoxyl /25 mcg Cytomel daily, 7 days.
On thyroid suppressant medication, my tsh labs are suppressed significantly. This abinormal is normal for me.
Since my return from the U.K. two months ago, I’ve been increasingly exhausted. I did get bit by. Brown recluse, and on antibiotics for that, then antibiotics for UTI but I am struggling, with extreme fatigue, joint pain and anxiety. Todays labs are odder than normal, and the doctor wants to check ACTH,cortisol, sodium levels and pituitary function.
I have no symptoms of Cushings, though that was thrown out by some lame Florida doctor based on my tsh at 0.004.
My abinormal labs are thus:
TSH. <0.008.   Range: 0.358-3.740
T3 Free 3.55.   Range:  2.18-3.58
T3, Total 1.10.  Range:0.70-1.78
T4, Free 0.94.  Range: 0.76-1.46
Thyroxine 6.2.  Range:4.8-13.9

This was fasting, medications taken the day before. Should I be concerned? Thanks in advance.
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Low/suppressed TSH means nothing when taking adequate thyroid med.  Both your FT3 and fT4 are within range, even though FT3 is on the high end.  FT4 and FT3 need to be evaluated together.  Since your FT4 is only at 26% of its range, I see nothing to be concerned about, especially since you don't report any symptoms that would be typical of slight hyperthyroidism.  In view of your reported symptoms, I think it is very important that you get tested for Vitamin D, B12 and ferritin.  Can you get those done soon, even if you have to just go to a lab and pay for tests.?  

In the interim, if you suspect being low for ferritin, or D or B12, you can consider starting supplementing, while waiting for lab tests.  If you want to consider this route, let's talk further.
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The reason the doctor would want to reduce meds is mainly due to low TSH, and FT3 high in range.   There is no reason to reduce meds at this point.  You need to find out why you are having those symptoms, even with those lab results.  

The reason I asked about Vitamin D is that it needs to be at least 50 due to its effect on thyroid.  B12 is important if you have fatigue.  It  needs to be in the high end of range.  And even more important is to have ferritin at least 100.   Before doing any thing else, I think you need to get those tested and see your levels, especially in view of your eating habits.  Can ;you get those done?
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I will ask for the B12, Ferritin and Vitamin D along with that recent  request. I’ll be back in touch. Thanks.
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I see nothing in  those labs to explain your fatigue, joint pain and anxiety.  Do you have current lab results for Vitamin D, B12 and ferritin?  
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Hi, Gimel. I do not have those levels. This doctor is rarely in the States, as he splits time in Poland. In the past, I have had low blood cell count, due to poor diet. One PA marked me as Cancer.  He dismissed that immediately, and I had him strike it from the record. The lab request is also FSH, and sodium. What is he looking for? I am certain I am low in Ferritn. My only protein in eggs, as I am leaning towards a vegan diet and not eating too well at the moment. They certainly wish to reduce the meds. Do I let them? Are those labs that high, in your opinion?

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