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Quitting smoking and hypothyroidism

There is a link between quitting smoking and hypo getting worse. Even scientific studies have established this. They aren't saying that quitting smoking is bad, just that if you do have thyroid issues they can worsen after quitting.

When I quit my tsh shot up to 9 from 2 or 3.

My doc is raising my dose, but my question is: Is this increase permanent or only temporary? Because this could mean I won't need a higher dose in the future.
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Likely a permanent increase. You'll soon know. :)
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Do  you know if you have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis?  If so, that's progressive and you may need higher dosages as time goes on, to keep pace with the destruction of your thyroid.

I agree that the dosage increase is most likely permanent, but some of us do have to decrease for a variety of reasons.
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