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Residual thyroid tissue

Question about Scan and Residual thyroid tissue:

I had thyroidectomy for low risk pap cancer, so no RAI 3yrs ago.  I recently had a radioactive iodine scan to check some questionable recurrence on 2 Ultrasounds and today I just found out that my resent WBS is believed to be ACTIVE RESIDUAL THYROID TISSUE with possible lymph node involvement (ENDO says nothing needs to be done) I'm cancer free including the lymph nodes!  

I'm still unsure of this NEW DIAGNOISES considering I was told I had recurring few days earlier (Annoyed) to say the least and totally feel like they are trying to kill me with constant bad decisions about my health, I lost confidence long time ago and it's time to bid this group of yahoos good riddance.

My question:  Is it possible to have residual ACTIVE thyroid tissue after thyroidectomy which could cause my TSH jumps around no matter what amount or type of thyroid medication I've been on?  I tried to locate info about this but not sure I asking it correctly.
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