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SVETA .. Newsweek article about pain ...

On my kidney board (actually it is a medullary sponge kidney board where many have pain all the time w/o any scientific reason) somebody posted about an article in upcoming Newsweek Magazine about nerve pain ...................

Anyway, she said she is a medicine called:  Lyrica and it helps her alot as they feel her pain is nerve related from brain not realizing no more pain but still has pain in full gear.

Just thought I'd throw it out to you for your awful leg pain that nobody has any help for ... maybe this med if all else fails?  At least worth writing its name down and getting a hold of this upcoming issue of Newsweek.

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One of my coworkers was given lyrica after hip surgery because she was having such awful pain.  It worked wonders for her - she was practically singing its praises :-)  Good idea, C.

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Thank you very much for trying to help me girls. I really appriciate your help .But all doctors I went to saying that it comes from Shyntroid (now Levoxyl) ar late side effect from RAI. I'll ask about  Lyrica my doctor. If you here something else how to escape from this legs and knees pain please let me now. I hope we'' ll have a good weekend. Love, Sveta
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