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Splitting Synthroid Dose - Reactions, Results...

I am experimenting with splitting my synthroid dose by taking half a pill 2x daily.  After 20 yrs on 112 mcg I was found to be on the hyper end and the dr has dropped it to 88 mcg. It appears that my body has become more sensitive over the years.  I am doing it because I feel lightheaded about 2.5 hours after I take the pill in the morning.   I have read that others have done the same because the full dose all at once has caused their heart to race.  If you have any experience splitting your dose, I am curious about how you space them out and any effects on your thyroid test results.  Thanks in advance for any insights.
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Many of us split dosages of T3, but it's pretty rare to split dosages of T4, such as Synthroid.   I've been told that splitting the dose (of T4) can help keep the TSH from becoming suppressed, but don't have personal experience with that.  

Typically, when splitting dosages, you'd want to space them evenly during the day.  The first dose would be taken when you first get up in the morning, with the second dose taken somewhere around early afternoon.   Of course, this will depend on your schedule - for instance if you don't take your first dose until 10 am, you'll want to take the second dose later in the day, while avoiding taking it late enough to affect sleep.

You'll need to make sure you have an empty stomach when you take your Synthroid.  The dose taken when you first get up would be no problem because you'll be waking up from a night's sleep, when presumably you'd have an empty stomach. .  Be sure to take it first, with a cup of water, then don't eat/drink anything (besides water) for 30-60 minutes.  

The second dose should be taken in the same manner but could be more problematic, depending on when you eat snacks/lunch.   Because food inhibits absorption of thyroid hormone medication, you should arrange your schedule (snacks/lunch) around being able to have an empty stomach.  
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Hi Barb -  I was thinking the same with  the second dose about two hours after lunch and before dinner.  I am going to give it a try and see  if my symptoms will subside.  Thanks again and I will send an update after a few weeks.  
You might need to wait a bit longer after lunch... depending on what you eat, it could take longer than 2 hrs for your stomach to empty sufficiently.  For instance, fiber digests more slowly, high calcium foods/supplements should be separated by 3-4 hrs from thyroid medication, etc.   That said, I'm sure you'll be able to come up with a plan.  Good luck and I'll look forward to the update.
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