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Surgery with TSH low

Hi everyone,
Hope you can help me. I read that when on medication for Hashimoto and  TSH is low it’s irrelevant and we should take notice of FY3and FT4 etc results.
I was scheduled for general anesthesia and had a TSH blood test results which is @ 0.01 . range 0.27-4.20 .  
Dr wasn’t happy to operate and postponed the op until my TSH is higher .
Not sure what to do as my tests are at a good place and I feel good .
Any input would be appreciated.
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idiot Dr who doesn't understand thyroid treatment.

Do you have your FT3 and FT4 results including the reference ranges?  If so please post them.

You said you are on medication.  can you list the medication(s) and the  dosage(s) also.

I would ask the surgeon, what other indication is there that you are hyper-thyroid?  Ask them if TSH is an actual thyroid hormone. If they say no, then ask them what are the two primary thyroid hormones.  Then show them the results that you are (assuming you are) within the reference ranges and exhibid zero symptoms (again assuming you don't).    So you would then have three indications, FT4, FT3 and symptoms and clinical evidence that you are NOT Hyper.

You may also have to get your primary doctor, or whomever your Dr is that is treating your thryoid to weigh in and contact your surgeon.

Just my thoughts on the matter.
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Hi , sorry I can’t seem to comment on any thing
Seems to be working again now.
Thanks for confirming thats its not a problem as he has asked me to higher my TSh for the op which I wont be doing.
Sorry dont have my levels with me at the moment. Will not be having surgery now :) Thanks again for your reply.
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Wow - never heard of that before.  What type of surgery were you scheduled to have?  Up until May of this year, my TSH had been suppressed for the past 12 yrs.  I've had a couple of surgeries - one just a year ago - and no one said anything about TSH level.  In fact, they didn't even ask about my thyroid levels.

What was done to bring your TSH up?  I assume you're on replacement thyroid hormones... did  they reduce your dosage?  
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Thank you for your reply. Thought what he said didn't make sense. The op is for carpal tunnel and from what I understand it's normally done by a local anesthetic, I was a bit wary when he said general so will be looking for a new doctor.
PS sorry for the late reply, I couldn't comment for some reason.
I'm sorry you had trouble commenting and glad you were finally able to.  

I wonder if it might depend on the carpal tunnel because I know people who have had that surgery with general anesthesia.  Even at that, though - TSH shouldn't come into play there at all.  

You might be interested in knowing that carpal tunnel syndrome is often caused by hypothyroidism, so if your levels are off, getting them back to where you need them could help your carpal tunnel.  
Yes, I did read that it's common with hypothyroidism. I took a test for my hand to see how bad the carpal tunnel is and they said it was mild in both hands, I was surprised when the dr said to operate on it. He said he advised general anesthesia as it would be more comfortable for me, but I didn't like the idea.
Im happy to say my thyroid levels are in a good place and I feel well. So I will see how things go.
Thank you again for your reply , I knew I could get some good advice from you all. :) x

As you know, general anesthesia is always a risk, but usually, it's minimal.  Many people don't like to be awake during a surgery, but it doesn't bother many ( I like to watch, whenever I can...lol)  That said, since your carpal tunnel is mild in both hands, perhaps you might be able to find a doctor that could/would prescribe physical therapy or something, which can also be effective.

Since you feel well with your current thyroid levels, perhaps a tiny tweak to your med could help with the carpal tunnel, but of course, that would depend on your actual levels.   Personally, if I felt good, other than the carpal tunnel, I'd try to go for physical therapy over surgery, no matter what anesthesia I was offered, but that's just me.
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