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I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and prescribed Levothyroxine (0.05MG).
I have most of the symptoms listed with the condition, but I have another - the most debilitating of all - that is not listed.  It is difficult to describe - but - I call it a "head freeze" sensation.  It's awful, also I might describe it as a sensation of the 'head' falling asleep as when a hand falls asleep, a prickly feeling, and almost a coma feeling.  All I can do is lie down until it passes.  The reason I believe it's connected is that it comes on to a lesser or greater extent a few minutes after eating, after I start to metabolize.  Can anyone tell me anything about this?  Does anyone else report this kind of thing?  Thank you
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After i have lunch ,it's the same thing i feel very , very tired and sleepy I've been trying not to eat little portions every time I eat.I also feel changes in my memory, and sometimes a i forget little things ,I now write everything i have to do .
And I'll say it again I start taking the coconut oil, one spoon in the mornings after i take my syntroid,the first day i was feeling very energetic.You can do any research about this, and it says it's very good , there are a few good testimonies.
So why dont you find out and you'll see.
Good luck!
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I don't really know how this would specifically be related to your thyroid issue, maybe someone else here does.  But what comes to mind for me is to perhaps ask this same question in a diabetes forum or an allergy forum.  Also you could get a check up to make sure you don't have an ear or dental issue.

Hope you get more answrs.

Good luck.
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Everyone's body is so different with symptoms that it is hard to say. Have you checked your glucose levels when you feel like this? It kind of sounds like low blood sugar symptoms which seems to be increased when our thyroid levels are out of wack. Get yourself a glucose meter from the drugstore and test yourself. Then you will be able to rule it out or in. If it is low, then you know you need to eat every 3 hours to keep your glucose level even. Before I reached optimum levels with my thyroid, I was having major issues with low blood sugar. Just my thoughts for you. :)
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