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Trying to find an Endo in MI - Gimel Please Help :)

Hi, FTB4 advised me that I should add Gimel's name in the subject as he may be able to help.

I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Munising Area), and the one endo that was available here has left the state without a replacement. I am now looking for a new one in Michigan... A good one as close to the bridge as possible. I am willing to travel further, if need be, though if there are better ones more south. I know my doctor will have a list and will set me up an appointment with the closest one, but I don't just want the closest one, I want one that is actually going to listen and BE a doctor for me. I had a very bad experience with the last Endo and wasn't sad to see him leave, but I still need one all the same.

Any help from anyone would be great. I'd love to hear recommendations, experiences, good and bad. Anything!!!!

Thanks so much!
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I am from that area, my Mother still lives up in Grand Marais. I can't even imagine trying to find a Thyroid specialist or endo in that area. Have you considered going towards Green Bay rather than towards the bridge. Here are a couple of links that might be helpful.




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Technically you are located in Michigan, but just barely.  LOL

I have started some searching in both the Marquette area, and also Sault Ste. Marie.  Do you have a preference for one or the other for me to prioritize?
Not promising anything, but I'll be glad to help try to find a good thyroid doctor.
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Here are a few located at the U of M Hospital. I know one patient seeing a doctor and the patient lives near Lansing and very happy with her treatment plan and care. I'll send her a message and repost that name of her doctor. Otherwise,these may help you and Gimel can add these to his references also.

You're in a good location for good care with a little help to know who to see to get it.

Ricardo R. Bartelme, M.D., Assistant Professor
Integrative Family Medicine Clinic

Andrew H. Heyman, M.D., M.H.S.A.
Integrative Family Medicine Clinic

Amy B. Locke, M.D., Assistant Professor
Integrative Family Medicine Clinic

Sara L. Warber, M.D., Co-Director, U-M Integrative Medicine
Assistant Professor, Integrative Family Medicine Clinic
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For a geographic reference point she is about 40 miles from Marquette, and about 150 miles from Sault Ste Marie. However, if you were unable to find anything there she is only 3 and 4 hours respectively from the Green Bay and Appleton areas if she goes towards Wisconsin, versus heading into the Lower Peninsula in which Ann Arbor and Lansing are about 6 and 7 hours, minimum, from her respectively.
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First I'd like to mention that you don't have to have an Endo, just a good thyroid doctor.  Many times Endos have the "Immaculate TSH Belief" and only want to test and medicate based on TSH.  That absolutely doesn't work for everyone.  Other Endos that go beyond TSH often revert to "Reference Range Endocrinology", by which they will tell you that a thyroid test result that falls anywhere within the range is adequate for you.  That also is wrong.  

A good thyroid doctor will treat a hypo patient clinically by testing and adjusting Free T3 and Free T4 as necessary to relieve symptoms, without being constrained by resultant TSH levels.  You can get some good insight into clinical treatment from this letter written by a good thyroid doctor for patients that he sometimes consults with after initial tests and evaluation.  The letter is then sent to the participating doctor of the patient to help guide treatment.  In the letter, please note the statement, "the ultimate
criterion for dose adjustment must always be the clinical response of the patient."


Since I have the above opinion about most Endos, I frequently search for osteopathic doctors rather than M. D,'s.  I do this because Osteo's seem to be prone to treating the patient instead of treating lab test results.  In searching near your area I found one D. O. that may be a prospect.  She is in Marquette.  Thyroid patients are not a major part of her practice, but when I inquired about willingness to treat clinically, for symptoms, the answer was yes.  When I asked if she was willing to test and adjust Free T3 and Free T4 as necessary to relieve symptoms, I was also told yes.  When I asked about T3 meds, I was told she does prescribe Armour Thyroid.  All of that info was what I like to hear, so I definitely think she is worth an appointment.  If you agree, let me know and I will send the name and info by PM.
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References made went with the University of Michigan Hospital network.
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Thanks.  I've added those names to my list of prospects needing to be confirmed as good thyroid doctors.  The U. of M. is not even a consideration for TiaJean.  She lives about as close to the Arctic Circle as she does to Ann Arbor.  LOL
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I'm in a nearby town and traveled to Algoma, WI to see Dr. Casis.  I can't give you a review yet because I've only seen him once and haven't formed an opinion.  Others seem to be happy with him.  He definitely believes TSH is the gold standard of thyroid treatment, and FT4 to a much lesser extent.  He didn't even test me for FT3.  Good luck in your search!  
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TSH is the gold standard.  FT4 much less.  No FT3 test.  I think you just gave the doctor a review, and classified him as a suspect, not a prospect.  LOL  
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I know what you mean gimel.  My GP is pretty responsive to my requests, so I'm probably going to stick with the him as long as he agrees to my terms moving forward, which is to test for TSH, FT3, and FT4 every 4 months starting the first week of 2013.  I'm feeling pretty good right now and I don't want to go through what I just went through over the last several months.  It's been hell.  Testing TSH once per year is not cutting it.  
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Sorry, I have been down with the flu. I didn't get back until now to read over anything. I will answer in order of responses at this point:
RNSomes74~ I am going to consult with my insurance company again. The last time I did, there was no coverage for treatment outside of MI. I will check out those links, though. Thank you!
Gimel~ LOL yes, you are right just barely. I am located about 40 miles away from Marquette, but when Marquette General Hospital last contacted me about the Endo leaving they said that there is no one left in the UP and that I would need to travel farther to get to someone. At this point, I am looking for a good Endo that is as close as possible.
Stella5349~ Thank you so much for the links. If I can't find anything closer, I will look into these :)
RNSomes74~ That's exactly right :) My location *****! haha!
Gimel~ Oh my, you are explaining so many things in a different way for me (I think you get why though since I am so close to the Artic Circle and all LMAO!). I have so much to learn! I AM VERY INTERESTED IN THE DOCTOR in Marquette!!!! That is the ideal place for me to go since that is where my regular doctor is as well. If I can find a better doctor than the one I have, I will switch away. Let me just say I haven't seen my doctor in over two years, yet she's been treating my thyroid issues based on a blood test alone :/ I know I need to be more educated on what I'm talking about before I can go into an office asking for tests I know nothing about. I feel very intimidated when I go in asking questions and then get bombarded with information I don't understand and get overwhelmed because I feel like the doctor is not on my side and wanting to help me. I actually audio record all of my doctors visits because I know I really only retain about 10% of what I hear when I go in because I am so overwhelmed at the point of being there. I also annoy the doctors because I come in with a paper full of questions and information when I go in. This doctor that I am seeing now actually rolled her eyes at me the last time I was in to see her, hence the reason why I haven't seen her in two years.
Craigdog~ Thank you so much for your review so far. My regular doctor tests TSH and FT3, so I think I'm doing better with her currently. I hope he is able to help you or you are able to find someone that can help you better.

*GAH* My anxiety is up just thinking about all of this.
Thank you again to everyone that has responded. I will be back to follow up!
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I suggest reading the book "The Thyroid Solution" by Rita Arem,MD.  It explains the necessary tests needed to regulate your thyroid and gives you information so you can better understand this disease.  
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Why did you address your post to me?  From my long years of being hypothyroid and my 6 years of searching the net for scientific studies on all aspects of hypothyroidism, I understand hypothyroidism and the necessary tests to diagnose and treat it.  And I fully understand just how few in number are the good thyroid doctors we constantly seek.  

Noticed you were from Ishpeming, up near the Arctic Circle.  Has the Spring thaw arrived yet?  :)

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I thought you were from Marquette...... I wanted to share this book with anyone who has issues with their thyroid.    I also have a good understanding of hypothyroidism and the plan of care that is needed to live a healthy productive life.  
I recently relocated to the Upper Peninsula and I am experiencing difficulty finding a physician that is knowledgeable in this disease.
I moved here from Scottsdale and had the best medical care.  I was diagnosed while living in Seattle and my physician was Mayo Clinic trained and does research at UW.  She is the one who recommends this book for all newly diagnosed patients, so that they have a good understanding of this disease.

Waiting for the snow so I can return to Scottsdale....  
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Sending PM with info.  Just click on your name and go to personal page.  Then click on messages.
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??  Sending pm with info?
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Yes, I checked and it shows as being sent.  Did you go to your personal page and click on messages?
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