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Type 2 Diabetes Medication

hi i am neethu,my mom has type 2 diabetes since 1 yr and age is 43 yrs, First time we consulted 1 doctor he gave some tablets but my moms sugar level was around 220-230 range and later  due to his selfish nature to gain more money has suggested insulin intake at earlier stage itself which was not needed and was harmfull, so we left that doctor and consulted other doctor and her BP is always at normal range only, empty stomach sugar test range is 160-163, and after breakfast sugar test range is 140-143, HBA1C test is 8.0, the doctor whom we are consulting now has suggested the following tablets istamet 50mg/1000mg (before breakfast), Gemer forte 2(night after dinner), Lipirose 10 (night after dinner),Axeten H (Morning after breakfast)

So as said above the doctor has given 4 tablets to take per  day, my doubt is

1. Why the doctor has given that many tablets to my mom when some other doctors suggest just 1 or 2 tablets for their patients having same problem??

2. Are the tablets which that doctor suggested are good and correct for my mom?

What medicines would you suggest for my moms condition so that i can ask the doctor we are consulting.

Please help me as soon as possible it would be of great help to me.

Thank you.
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Okay i did read your question incorrectly.  Prescription treatments are oral tablets to reduce the blood glucose level however insulin injections may be needed if oral tablets are not lowering blood glucose levels low enough.

Metformin is commonly mentioned in regards to type 2 diabetes. Regular metformin is taken 2 to 3 times a day with meals however there is an extended release version of metformin which is taken once a day. This is one of the various types of diabetic drugs available. I'll send you a link on the various drugs available.

Type 2 diabetes can be reversed however.  There are numerous books on this subject.  Here are a couple of the newer publications:

"The Secret of Reversing Type II Diabetes" by Rudy Kachmann MD (April 28, 2011)

"Reversing Diabetes: Discover the natural way to take control of type 2 diabetes" by Don Colbert MD (Mar 6, 2012)
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Hi Red_star i am really sorry there is a misunderstaning... my mom has type 2 diabetes only and 1 yr is not her the age when she got diabetes i means its been one year since she got diabetes and  is getting medication. I hope you understood.

Thank you.
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As your mother was diagnosed at one year of age with type 2 diabetes? Type 1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes), which is an autoimmune disease, sounds more likely. Are you sure the diagnosis is correct? Most children who have type 2 diabetes have a family history of diabetes, are overweight, not very physically active and it usually develops around puberty.  Tablets are not suitable for type 1 diabetics.  Insulin injections are given daily or several times a day depending on the type of insulin used.  An diabetic's HbA1c target is 6.5% or lower.
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