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Update/ Biopsy Results

I got the results from my fna back: no signs of malignancy but irregular cells, they just said thyroiditis. So I am really happy about that.
The bad part: the doctor who took the biopsy thought that he only had to do one nodule when he was supposed to do 3.  So it looks like I have to go back in to get the other biopsies which means another 2 weeks before I know what is going on.
I am getting closer and closer to going back to school and want this whole thing to be done and figured out.
Lets say that this is Hashimotos which would be the most likely thing.  Can anyone tell me how long it would take to get on meds and get things regulated? I will only have about 3 weeks until I have to go back to school after I get the results back.  I just am trouble shooting to see if it will be no big deal or if I will probably need to find a doctor down at school (I go to school in NYC but live almost  6 hrs away).
I also posted this in my journal, I just wanted to see what responses I would get here as well.
Thanks for all of the help! :)
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For multinodular goiter the biopsy of dominant nodule is sufficient.
The elevated level of TPO and TG antibodies is a sign of Hashimoto's disease.
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They didn't biopsy the dominant nodule, they actually only biopsied the second smallest of the four.  Somehow things got lost between doctors. lol
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