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Hi Gimel, Barb, & Others,  It has been quite awhile since I contacted You and I have some concerns I would like to voice to You and possibly get Your take on:  My most recent Labs were done with my taking the Thyroid Medication prior to the Lab draw.  My Holistic Physician wanted me to so that is why I did it.  The Labs reflect this in a rather big way.  This Lab Draw was some 4 + Hrs. after I took my Medication.  My TSH was suppressed as it was last time 6 months ago when I had Labs done.  TSH was 0.02. Total T3 was 295 (Reference Range 76-181); Free T3 was 6.8 (Reference Range 2.3-4.2).  My Thyroglobulin has gone down since previously to 12 (<1).  T4 was I think Upper Middle Range (I didn't write that down so will get back with You on that later).  Ferritin was 124 (16-288).  I told my Physician I had been losing weight, and he is concerned with that and the muscle wasting in my upper arms that has been going on for some time now--a few years.  I am currently taking 90 + 15 mg Armour.  I take it all in the Morning.  After the Labs were done, I tried for the next few days to take the 90 in the Morning and the 15 late Morning, but what has been going on is that my Temperature plummeted doing that.  Today, it is windy and rather cold, and I feel it big time.  The Temperature outside and whether it is sunny or overcast seem to have a very big effect on my condition day-to-day.  If it is sunny and warm, I feel much better--if not, I seem to 'shut down'.  I would appreciate feed-back as to how to actually facilitate 'gaining' weight in particular in my upper arms. Also, any other feedback as to this auto-immune condition we all are trying to 'manage'.  I try my best to keep my stress to a minimum and I also have numerous food allergies and chemical sensitivities to fill in the picture more sufficiently.  Also I am a former breast cancer survivor with radiation only.  Thank You very much for this Opportunity to make Inquiry.
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Why did the doctor want you to take your medication prior to doing labs?  That makes no sense because your levels are showing false highs.  

Typically, those on medications with a T3 component, such as Armour split the dosage in half, taking half in the morning and the other half around mid day.  Taking 90 mg in the morning and 15 mg later in the day shouldn't have caused your temperature to plummet, since dividing T3 dosages tends to keep levels more stable, which in turn would keep temperature more stable.

Other than that, I'll let gimel comment on that because he does desiccated hormones and is more familiar with them than I am...  

Most/many of us feel best on warmer, sunny days - in winter some have a tendency to have what is known as SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder - in which we need a certain amount of sunlight in order to feel better.  I don't know where you live, but I had this really bad when we lived up north due to the long cold winters and having to stay inside so much.  Even now living in Florida, if we have a long cold or rainy spell, I get it because I don't get enough light/sunshine.  You might discuss this with your doctor.

As for gaining weight in your upper arms - is it really "weight" you want to gain or is it strength since you say your muscles are wasting?  You can't "spot" lose or gain weight.  If you lose or gain you do it all over your body.  What you can do is tone your muscles by exercising.  

Since you're a breast cancer survivor, did that affect the movement in your arms in any way?  I might suggest that you talk to your doctor about exercises - yoga is an excellent form of exercise that helps build core strength and helps you deal with stress and feel better in general.  Certain yoga poses also incorporate some weight type exercises that can help build strength, but other weight training exercises would also be good.  You'll need to discuss that with your doctor to make sure 1) it's safe for you to do so and 2) you actually do the right kind of exercises.  
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Thank You, Barb.  I appreciate Your Input.
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