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could it be underactive thyroids?

hi, for a while now i have been putting weight on even though i'm exercising and eating healthy.
i have IBS which seems to  have got worse also.
im having really difficulty getting to sleep, and when i do manage to i wake up in the night several times.
i always feel tired even when i sleep for a good amount of time.
i also forget things and at times i stutter, i notuiced the stuttering and slurred words about a year ago and recently its getting worse.
i get migrains quiet often and headaches also.
i looked on a few websites and they have said it could be an underactive thyroid....could this be?
i read that this can be linked to my asthma, carpel tunnell and IBS aswel?
could someone please give me a bit of help and advice if possible
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thanx i will do that
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I wonder if some of the drugs you are on may be causing symptoms.

You could ask for a TSH test and a Free T4 test to check your thyroid. It would answer the question of thyroid involvement.

If you have those tests run, get a copy of the results and post them here. "within normal range" doesn't mean much, even if your doctor says they look normal.
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