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new to this

I recently had bloodwork done:
TSH, 3rd generation is 15.84, T4 is 5.2free T4 is 1.8
anyway, my doc said it could be caused byt he lithium I've been on since christmas 900 mg/day (not much). I have a strong family history though, so no one is for sure which is causing it. Now I have to wait to see a doc to tell me what exactly is going on. I've been very tired, went from skinny and 120 to curvy at 138lbs, in a few short months. I also haven't had my period this entire time. ANy feedback or input or knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Thanks so much! you are a sweetheart. I went to the doctor and she didnt even know what to say. Dont know......... But thanks!
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Sorry no one answered you.  I Googled this info. on lithium side effects.

**Endocrine side effects including clinically evident hypothyroidism (1% to 4%) have been reported. Therefore some clinicians recommend baseline thyroid function tests and yearly thyroid function tests while patients are on lithium. Goiter occurs in approximately 5% of patients. Myxedema coma and hyperglycemia have also been reported.

Lithium exerts multiple effects on the thyroid gland. Most importantly it inhibits the release of thyroxine and triiodothyronine and can lead to enhanced thyrotropin activity resulting in goiter.**

But it doesn't say what to do about it.  Should you add thyroid hormones or stop the lithium?
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seriously, no one has any input at all????

My shoulder is killing me, feels like its the joint or muscle throbbing and achy. Think this is from the thyroid?? Goes all the way down my arm and into my fingertips. It's barable but hurts like hell. Come on guys any input would be awesome!!!!!!!
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