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to start graves every known disease known to man form your thyroid...
Say you were told you had a tumor say it was cancerous say they took biopsy said cancer they went in took out tumor and thyroid says not fy able full of tumors and teated with iodine...

20 ys later doctor deiced to take a look see thyroid??

what do you do???


what am I talk suit or just for get it and move along after you find out what they did not or did do to your body

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Your post to extremely too hard to follow and I am having trouble on what you are trying to say.

Sounds like you had Graves disease - ( I doubt through you had every disease known to man)

Then you had a cancerous tumor and sugery was done 20 yrs ago? I can't get what the "fy" means

Now 20 years later doctors want to check thyroid function or see if tissue is still there?

What do you do you ask?...... let them check it!

You mention suit??  for what?? - checking you out 20 yrs later?

What treatment was done after the TT? Did you follow through with treatment appropriately after surgery?

Maybe I am just not getting your post.

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Look at an earlier post "why if I can answer"
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Symptoms 20 yrs ago I had my thyroid removed for having cancer.  They opened me up and found a tumor wrapped around my thyroid.  They took a slice of thyroid and it was a tumor even though my blood said otherwise.  They desided to remove it and treat with radio iodine for cancer.
They told me this 20 yrs ago.

My recent endo found by blood, turmous growths in thyroid area.  Decided to take a look see at the thyroid area, found a thyroid and took a biopsy of that material that looks like a thyroid.

Law suit who am I going to sue???  I was just reacting ...

Other words I was told one thing, and then another thing happened.  and I have a scar the size of Texas to prove they did go in...I was even treated for cancer.
sorry if i was scrambled, OH yes I do have symptoms of all thyroid diseases.

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