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Could i have thyroid problems with normal TSH

So ill start from the beginning and hope people can help me....sorry if its long...but i would appreciate anyone's help that they can offer.

I am female 26 years old. I have 4 children.

Since having my fourth child things have been difficult health wise. I have had lots of undiagnosed symptoms and after having blood test after blood test, 24 hr urine samples done (TWICE), heart scan, ECG and 14 day hoilter monitor they said 'i am normal' apart from my vitamin D levels which where very low and i was treated for that but symptoms still persist.

I will say that i have SVT (since i was a child) and i will stress that i dont see how this is linked to my other symptoms as i have had this most of my life and was always fine when im not having episodes.

I have had these symptoms on and off over the course of 2 years ( my daughter is about 2 and a half now and these symptoms started when she was 4 months old)

* excessive sweating when walking/cleaning/exercising after a few minutes of doing tasks.

* Mild to moderate acid reflux (been diagnosed with this and was taking omprazole to settle it)

* Increased palpitations and SVT attacks are not more frequent but also have a slow heart rate as its 48 beats per minute as resting pulse)

* Decreased sex drive

* Easily exhausted/tired

* Random rib pain occurs on and off

* Craving sugary foods all the time so i end up eating these a lot

* Twitches in body

*  Flushing of the face and my top half of my body going really hot.

Have you any guys got a clue what could be wrong with me ad having no look from the consultant i was referred to (general medicine) I had my TSH thyroid hormone tested which was 2.7 and then a few months after it was 1.54

Then i went away Friday (uk holiday and i live in uk) and on the Saturday my heart did an ectopic beat and i felt it and my heart stopped beating for a few seconds and i felt faint and everything and then my heart started beating again but not into a regular rhythm but into an SVT attack instead. I am so scared i could have died. Could my heart really have stopped and what if it didnt start again would i have just died? I cant get over it, Please some reassurance and advice because im going out of my mind with worry. My heart was never this bad and neither were the attacks until the past 2 years :-(

When i visited the doc last year after i was complaining about still being ill he says 'i dont want to put you on medication for the rest of your life' but why would he say that if he had no idea what was wrong with me? Is there something they are not telling me?
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