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Help with TBI victim

My son was in a car accident and was in a coma for a week and suffered a severe TBI. No seizures, no midline shift, pressure was controlled with a drain (ICPM) no shunt was needed, he takes no medication and had no broken bones. He is awake, aware and home from the inpatient rehab. He now does outpatient rehab and we also work with him at home. He is slowly improving but I was wondering if any others out there might have some ideas from their experiences to help my son relearn talking, walking, ect. any faster than it's going. I know it takes time but I think if he could get to the point of walking things would move along much faster for him. He can write, do math and seems pretty good overall except maybe not as smooth as he was before (personality wise) Does anyone know if he can regain his maturity level? Is it something he can relearn? Its not a severe loss of maturity, just slight.
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  It would depend specifically how it has affected his brain functioning.
Depending on the extent some people are able to regain functioning
to a more fuller extent. I have known people
who had a TBI but each person's recovery rate
varies. His doctor should be able to tell
you more about the clinical specifics. This
has some helpful information you could discuss
with his doctor:
  For advice about supports and services and what is available an agency such as the Brain Injury Foundation should be able to be of help.
There are other agencies that could be of help as well.
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My daughter has suffered a TBI and post concussion syndrome from a carnival ride last May of this year.  I would not give up with treatment, and if you have PPO insurance, where you can different doctors, then use it. Get second opinion, if possible try to get to Boston Children's Hospital, they are the best with traumatic brain injury.  Research, Research and continue to research on line and you should find similar cases.  I would also call various Neurology offices and ask them if they could treat your son, if they had similar cases and success rehabilitation.  I am sorry to hear about your son, and as a mother I feel your sadness, pain, and just trying to stay strong for your child.  I pray he heals and you find your answers.
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