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Does anyone in here know how to do get the abdomine muscles trained without doing floor exercizes without having to lay on the floor?
Having a huge mass of water in my brain that has built up during the years . Since I was 12 I had heard a pop in my brain one night and my problems began. I knew as a child that it was brain fluid.
Telling my mom was no use and I cant blame her. She had no knowledge of this problem.
Nor do most members of the medical community for that matter.

If I walk too fast , my brain gets all out of wack and I end up falling forward on my face. I don't fall on my knees like everyone else. My brain doesnt give the body enough time to react.

The pain in my knees can be excruciating. God help me , should I ever return to the medical doctors if they have to test my reflexes.
I was in so much pain from retaining water in my body this past year that I could not touch my own skin , it was so sore to the touch.

Luckily I have found shoes that were on sale. 25 euro's ( the scottish side of me comes out) They have rounded off soles on the bottom which seem to make me stand up straighter. They are sold as a better remedy to help lose weight. I havent notice much weight loss yet . However my spine feels better.
I had bugged the doctors over here to do the proper investigations on my spine to see if I had inheritted a spine defect on my father's side of the family. This can only be found using and lit up exray using contrast fluid. However because I have this defect (Hydrophaelus ) they are reluctant to do the test. They also have refused giving me physcial therapy of any sort.
The medical doctors at the one hospital did the most appolling exam when looking at my spine. Touching every place on my spine except the place that they were suppose to check.
I wished they were standing in my shoes. I know they wouldn't fit , as I have very small feet.  it would be great that they would feel all the excrusiating pain. Then have the gaul to tell me I dont have a slipped disc.
Okay I know that they are scared to do anything because it would affect the spine with the extreme high pressure of 25 in it.
I would like the doctors over here to at least be honest and do the proper investigations. It just makes my life a lot worse when people in positions sit there and tell you a out right lie.
I did go for a second opinion, by another hospital . He did the proper investigation  by the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. There they welcome their new patients with class.
The neurologist did the proper investigation on my my spine. Whom I will be ever thankful to . For treating me as a true well minded person. Not a nagging middleage house wife.

This is really all we ask of the medical profession that they do the proper tests and to be truthful.
I have had so much anger which adds to my headaches. When you just want to get up and slap the smug doctors face. We patients know when the doctors are lying.  
The costs that they have ran up on my bill and then have the gaul to say Mrs. Threewheelmobile.
DO you know that what these tests have cost?
It was not I that had asked for these tests. It was he.
Then they have repeatedly said that the results were negative.
Oh please , Like I don't know what my body feels and when it is screaming for help.

I wonder if other people  have a paranormal ability and if any of you are aware that this does exist?
Oh , I have been tested by the several physicians , neurologists, and physciatrists. psycologists.
They all came up with the same answer.
She is not crazy , the tests are fine.
If you actually know that people are watching from above and that you are being guided to help us.
God Bless.
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  Well I just went to look and I was close 278....

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  Hi...if I am following ur post correctly u have PTC pseudotumor cerebri? Also known as Intercranial hypertension...basically excess CSF fluid.

Many times Drs blame it on  the patient being over weight...but, many that r thin may have this issue as well.

Did they do a brain MRI? and a cervical spine MRI?
Do u have copies of the MRI and the report?

  There are Drs out there that specialize in these issues, and it can be that u just have yet to find them.

There is a MH member in the neuro forum cath### sorry can not remember her number 273 or something like that , but she is a good person to talk to in regards to this issue.
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