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Can botox give relief for trigeminal neuralgia?

I have had symptons from trigeminal neuralgia for the past 5 years. Last April ina a 2 week period, every day the pain escalated. I lost 9 pounds. I am on carbomazapan, which stopped the lighteninglike pains from shooting down my face, but when I touch near my right eyebrow or put moisturizer and or makeup on and even brush my hair it is still painful. I am constantly pressing on my nose to try to relieve the pain. Wouldn't botox injections help, since they are suppose to deaden the nerves, I have read that they help migraines.
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My mom has been diagnosed with atypical Trigeminal neuralgia after 3.5 years! of suffering & given medications for conditions that she did not have! To watch her suffer is unbearable. She is 75 & does not tolerate the medication & too old for surgery as she is not in good general health.

Does anyone of any neurologists who inject BOTOX? I heard it provides some kind of temporary respite from the pain... Or, Acupunture practioners who specialise in facial pain?

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There have been studies about TN and Botox.  But like a lot of studies regarding TN they are small groups of patients and no long term follow-up. Definitely check with your doctor and do research.  

As for doctors who perform Botox injections for TN, you may want to try the Facial Pain Association. You can call them and ask if they have any doctors on their list.  Their website is:


I have heard that Accupuncture can help.  I've seen a viseo where Dr. Casey, a neurosurgeon well-known in the TN community says it can help some patients. Again to find a doctor, try the FPA website for their contact number.

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Hello nancy

Thanks for your feedback. I read about pilot studies using BOTOX for the treatment of TN but they were in Teheran, Florida & Turkey. Their results sounded good over 90% pain relief after 2wks with rest suffering from droopy eyelids & some other  facial complications which resolved themselves after a few weeks. But could not find anything in the UK. The website address you gave me was asterixed out for some reason...

Where is Dr. Casey based?

Thanks for your help!!!:)

Hi! I have bilateral TN and my Neurologist offers BOTOX. Unfortunately for me, my insurance won't pay for it.  But hopefully it helps others! His name is Dr Franciso Esparza. He's incredible. Good luck with your progress!
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Dr Casey is based in Michigan.

Sorry about the asterisks. Guess I'm not allowed to give out another website's address.

Google the Facial Pain Association
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I have atypical facial tn and occipital neuralgia. Suffered from migraines since 9th grade. I started botox therapy in march of 2012. It is painful 22 shots in trigger points. Takes a few months to help. Three month intervals. But it does help. Not a fix but a free zone sometimes short but better. Can lower pain meds. I went off all anti seizure meds three years ago, tried them all, lyrica too,nothing helped. Nerve blocks, rhizotomies, acupuncture, etc. the botox does help. Some. Expensive though. Takes a lot to get approved, took almost a year. I'm on medicare so more hoops to jump. But. I have been able o lower pain meds. It did trigger me this month though,but its winter, my worst time of the year so we will see.
jebbyfur how did you get it approved by medicare?
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