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What are you doing for pain relief?

As I was answering posts this week, I came across different situations and it made me realize we all deal with this nasty thing we call TN and ATN in different ways, just to get through the day. What do you do, besides the obvious cocktail of meds? I thought it would be helpful to share some of the tips and strategies we have discovered along the way with each other. I know for me it's taken a year to figure out what to do and what not to do to be able to almost function most days, because despite all that ails us, life does go on.

1. My best friend Mr. Bean Bag/ rice pack whatever it is. My kids named it "woobie." I don't know why. 2.5 minutes in the microwave and I am a  happy camper.
2. A bandana and a Rubbermaid icepack that can be cut into squares, frozen and tucked underneath, tied on my forehead not only numbs the icepick stabbing in my temple, but makes me look like a cool hippie chick, or Bret Michaels stalker, whichever you prefer ;)
3. Ear plugs. I never leave home without a spare pair. I keep some in my car and in my wallet for loud restaurants and movies and a van full of kids and a radio that somedays is unbearable only to me.
4. Scarves or hoods. I wear them around my neck and then when needed wrap them to block the wind or cold.
5. Hot Hands. I keep a stash in my car and purse.  A mini hot pack I can fit in the palm of my hand. I tuck it in my scarf when really cold or I can sit with my hand on my face and no one can really tell I have heat on my face. Lasts for 8 lovely hours.
6. And the obvious. Pick and choose how much I do and rest when I can.
7. A small notebook. To write stuff down because I forget everything.
That's my list. What's yours?
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Great idea painterchic!

When I was in pain and had to work, I found Oragel rubbed on my teeth and gums helped to get me through about an hour of talking.

I also had one of those facial vaporizers -- breathing in the steam relaxed me and seemed to help the pain - although it might have just been a placebo effect.

I also had a microwavable bean bag and the ever present notebook.

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Thanks Nancy,
Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. I like that steam one, I might give that a try some time! And yes, the ever present notebook. For me, I also used my cell phone to keep track of things.

Keep 'em coming people!
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I've been waiting for this kind of post for soo long!
Thanks painterchic : )

I have a question for you though, do you have TN or ATN?
I've never tried the heat rice pack and I wonder if it help the electric-shock pain??

I started out as somewhat ATN with constant boring pain + stabs but lately it's truned into TN with more intense shocks esp. in my teeth (ughh)

The one thing that really works for me is the memory foam pillow. I have bilateral TN so before having this pillow, sleep was not so relaxing for me.
But with this pillow, I can enjoy sleeping again coz it's so soft and when I press my face to it, it doesn't feel like something pressing my face at all. I don't know why but it really works for me.

It's a bit pricey though and I can't say will work for everyone but if you are side-sleeper, it problaly worth a try. I hope it helps!

Take good care guys : )
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sorry i've been MIA... I'm back. such is life sometimes.
Good advice on the pillow! I've been finding my normal pillow  has been hurting my face lately. so thanks for that. I don't know about the hot pack for the electric because mine are more the deep ache, and stab but it works for that nicely and relaxes my jaw I think also.

Maybe someone reading this with more classic TN can respond to this?

Anyone else have more tips to add to this list? It would be nice to have a good list going!
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please somebody awnser me back is any body  who is taking gabapentin  for tmj  i have 2 surgery,s for tn but i have tmj too after my last surgery my tmj is worse  i,m in constant pain this dull sharp pain in the right side of my face my ear and my jaw is like i need to put my hands under my chin for almost anything to eat  to  talk i work like 8 hours a day so i look really stupid doing this plus i put something call salonpaz in my face i try the oragel too because my teeth are in constant pain my ear is like somady is drilling my ear only right side mornings are so hard because my mouth feel like is so much presure like when you eat something so hard and a course i feel my mouth going to the wrong side but doctors don,t bolieve me  i was using a mouth piece but broke like a year ago i can aford another one in surance don,t cover most of this treatments  i,m going to have another surgery  this for tmj i need to stop taking the gabapentin but is the only thing who is helping me a litle bit i feel so afraid to have another surgery because doctor,s have diferent opinion  sorry for my writing
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i have atn and refuse the normal medication.

the vaporizer helps me as i know that when my sinus are up so is the pain.

i also take valerian forte to help sleep and relax the nerves.
magnesium is good for nreve health.
also complex vitamin b and an anxiety/stress vitamin taken at breakfast and lunch to relax the nerves.
the premise is relax the nerves and give it a chance to settle and heal. i have noticed the difference since taking all of the above.

a good trigeminal massage helps. find a remedialist masseuse who will massge you head face neck jaw and shoulders. it relieves the muscles and the tension in these areas.

keep in touch.
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thank you for your tips, they are very interesting, some of them things I have not heard of before. I am interested in hearing more about this massage. I am going to check into this, thanks for sharing your tips!
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just remember your nerves are misfiring which causes the muscles to spasm which can then become tight. aggravating the situation.

if you have 2 hours to spare click on the link below This is a video by Dr. Ken casey who is an expert in this field but he clarifies things easily.

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I take 1800mg of gabapentin/day in 600mg doses (3x a day) I don't think it helps much at all.  My ear/jaw/gum/teeth constantly hurt.

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