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30yr old F; please help.

Since Oct.22 I have been having the strangest symptoms and the doctors can not figure out what they are. Symptoms include:
Tingeling numbness in the fingers toes arms legs
Headache at the base of the knock
Tight chest
Pain in stomach under ribs
Pain in groin and down legs
Pain in back near mid spin
Muscle spasms
I have been to the ER and received a chest X-ray and EKG
The neurologist and had an MRI on the brain and spine
A renal ultra scan and stomach X-ray
All kinds of. Lois work as well as urine test
Evetything has come back normal. The aymptoms started right before I got a wisdom tooth pulled and they put me on some antibiotics just in case of infection; although they did not seem to think I had one. Also, I has taking Humeria for almost 2 yrs and they took me off that. I have just over the past day or so developed a slight cough; no phlegm  just a tickle. I have yet to have a fever higher then apx. 99 degrees. I am scared it is something life threatening but I everythime I see my GP she says it may just be heartburn. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas.
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I've been having some of these symptoms since August and doctors haven't been able to help me. Tingling in feet, muscle cramps, pain in legs, pain in back, headache and others that you don't have. The only thing I did find out was that I have mild scoliosis but the doctor said it is not related to my symptoms. I am so tired and desperate for help.
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Hi ArynM, are you carrying a lot of weight? What is your state of health at present. i.e. are you active?
I am 5'3" and weight 110" I try to do yoga 1 day a week, and my job keeps me on my feet running around 3-4 hrs a day.
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You might want to check your Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and magnesium.

Eating foods with potassium will also help balance your electrolytes
I did have the neurologist do a blood test on my levels for vitamin def. (b12 specifically) which came back normal. I fo take a daily vit. But will try looking for foods rich in the mag. And pot. As I don't specifically deal those out.

Vitamin D is a common deficiency in many people.

If you were taking any B12 ( in vitamins, drinks, etc) within 4 months of being tested, your levels will have a higher result then they actually are.

If your B12 is below 500 it's not very good. It should be closer to 1,000.

If you take Tums or other meds fir heartburn, they can deplete B12.

Have you tried going to a chiropractor and or acupuncturist? That might be helpful
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You may want to investigate what antibiotic they gave you. Some (ciproflaxin) sp is known to cause nerve issues. Google the antibiotic you were on and see what you find.
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