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Blood in urine with no pain (male)

This started yesterday around the late evening hours, when I went to urinate after finishing 2 drops of red colored liquid dripped out (what I assume would be blood as I have not eaten beets or foods of the kind in quite a while). I barely slept at all last night looking up symptoms and possible results, so far I haven't experienced any change in "flow", its not painful, no side or flank pain, no recent lower body trauma, no change in diet recently. I'm 16 so bringing this up to my doctor would not be an option as he would be obligated to tell my parents as they are my "legal guardians". The only real change I can think of recently would be I'm drinking alot more caffeine I normally consume about 1 ; 6 oz cup of coffee and 1 ; 24 oz Lo-Carb Monster energy drink, I notice that caffeine helps better my mood as I have been chronically depressed since 12, attempted suicide twice and done other things I'd rather not get into on here, but to make this short, is there anything I can do from home that would stop this without my parents having to know?
They're both extremely religious and I fear for my life a bit when I'm around them.
Physical stats:
height: 5'10
weight: last checked in around 197 lbs
activity: normally once or twice a week walking about a mile or so but other than that I stay home as I both work from home and am homeschooled.

Thanks in advance, any help appreciated.

One last note: I have only had one previous surgery and that was filling a cyst on my left heel bone. Also to my knowledge I do not have a family history of bloody urine (there was a technical term for it, hemophilia?).
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Sorry to say, but you do need to see your doctor urgently.

Having blood from the urinary tract usually means a urinary tract infection and this can be anywhere from the urethra, bladder, ureter, kidneys, and in men from prostate problems.

So you do need to get a urine sample set to the lab for testing.  I do not know which country you are from, but in the UK this is done through the doctor.

Make the appointment to see your doctor (with or without a parent) and take a morning mid stream urine specimen.  You can do a urine specimen at the surgery and they would provide you with a sterile little bottle to collect your urine in.

Your doctor can do a urine dipstick test and that would show if you had any infection or not.  He may also refer you to a urologist for further investigation.  This can be quite serious, so you do need to get check out as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you must drink plenty of fluids, and especially water.  2 litres a day is usually recommended, but as you have a problem you can drink 3 litres without any worries - you can drink more if sweating a lot or as advised by the doctor or the urologist.

All the other things that you mentioned are irrelevant to you having the blood in the urine.  Urinate into a clean clear glass jar and look at your urine. If it is dark and cloudy that would mean that there is blood.  Even though your urine may look a light straw colour does not always mean that it is fine, generally though it would be fine.  If your urine smells strongly that too can indicate a urinary infection.

If you do experience any burning sensations when you urinate, write back and I will give you some details of what to do to lessen the discomfort.

Make sure you drink loads of water and book an appointment to see your doctor.

Let me know how you get on.

Best wishes.

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Thanks Jemma for your reply, I have been drinking a lot of water and when I urinated today it was a lighter color than normal but a very strong smell and I can't get an appointment with my doctor (I'm in the US, Hawaii to be specific) without my parents knowledge as both my insurance and co-payments are thru them and also our place is fairly small and they're very paranoid so I wouldn't be able to get out without them knowing. I'll keep drinking lots of water, I also found a bottle of antibiotics, doxycycline  would these help if I took them? These were prescribed to me for another infection (from bed bug bites) about 3 months ago, do you think they would at least slow any possible infection?


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It is not a question of just taking antibiotics.  

You do not know that you actually have an infection.  Blood in the urine does not always mean that there is an infection.

A urine specimen that would be tested at a laboratory would tell the doctor which antibiotic to prescribe depending on the bacteria that was found in the urine specimen, if any.  

Your antibiotic medication will have an information leaflet that came with it, and how to use it  and it will explain for what type of infections this antibiotic would work for. It does treat urinary infections.  But you do not know whether you have an infection and taking antibiotics can cause other problems like Thrush overgrowth.

What you can do is keep drinking and checking your urine and also take note of any pains - when passing or when you finish passing the urine, any back pain, any lower belly pain, or chills sometimes feverish and sometimes profuse sweating at night time.  

You do need to tell your parents that you found blood when you wiped, and it is important that you get checked out.   I am sure there should be some medical centre near fairly near to you.

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I just told my father about this and he called the doctor, I have an appointment for Monday.
Thanks for your help.
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That is great.  See, it wasn't that bad telling your dad after all!
I am so pleased that you told him.

Even though no blood shows between now and Monday, you will still need to have that appointment.

If you experience any pain or discomfort when passing your urine, you can drink a glassful of water with a teaspoonful of Bicarobonate of Soda, you can do this 1 every hour for 3 hours and no more.  This will help to neutralise the acid urine.  It is still important to drink lots - but don't drink more than 3 litres.  Too much fluids can be just as bad as getting dehydrated.

Let me know how you get on.

Best wishes.
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