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Breathing difficulty

I developed a condition early last year which results in inflammation of upper airways upon inhalation of aromatic compounds. The condition starts with burning sensation in the throat followed by migraine like headache and general feeling of unwell (flu like symptoms and weakness). The aromatic compounds could range between anything - deodorant, perfume, aftershave, room freshener, soap, shampoo, handwash, face cream, moisturiser and some strong chemicals. Doctors prescribed me variety of anti-histamines but it seems not solving the problem and therefore stopped. Finally I have made life style changes to stay away from anything that triggers the condition. Currently I am advised nasal irrigation and Dymista nasal spray which was giving me minor relief. However lately that does not seem to be working.

Can you please advise? I cannot bear the flu like symptoms all day which is affecting my work.
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Have you looked into MCAS? Please do, as this sounds similar to what you are experiencing.
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Hello~Have you been checked for "Candida"? This is a type of yeast infection that starts in the gut but it can cause all kinds of issues, including the ones you are having. There are several good books regarding it, the one I like I like is by Dr Crook called "The Yeast Connection" It explains what it is, how is effects us, what causes it and the diet to follow. The reason I am thinking your condition is caused by "Candida" is due to the fact that smells cause you such discomfort, Candida definitely can cause those issues.

I would suggest you start with a yeast free, sugar free diet, as these items cause Candida to grow, thus, causing the symptoms. Also, try to avoid high carbs as they, too, will contribute to the issue if it is Candida.

There is a supplement called "Caprystatin" that is great for helping Candida patients, it can be obtained from most health food stores or on-line thru my favorite source called I-Herb, they carry so many brands of supplements at really good prices.

I hope you feel better soon.
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